How to create a window with glass bottles

Once consumed, glass bottles are far from becoming waste. The uses that can be given to them are many and varied. For example, with them you can build torches for your garden, decorate your home, make a snack table, lamps, and even a glass house!

In addition, when building with adobe, they are a perfect ally that, due to the characteristics of the material, allows you to create cheap and original windows and details that, when the sunlight passes through, illuminate the entire home with different colors. Learn here the technique to build them.



  • Glass bottles of different colors (as many as you need)
  • Mason’s spoon or putty knife
  • Wooden boards (or lumber, tape measure, and saw)
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Mix of sand, clay and straw; adobe; or cement (for filling)


1. Wash the bottles that you will use well, to remove the labels and the dirt that they may have.

2. Build a structural support to create your window. You can do this with wooden boards the size of the opening, secured with nails.

3. Drive a large number of nails into the wood in various directions so that the material and the bottles have something to hold on to.

This is another technique that you can do, achieving a different design, where the glass bottles are intertwined in a wire fence. In general, when making designs, the bottles are supported by a metal frame or mesh to make it easy to fill.

3. Moisten the entire surface and place filler material little by little, which can be cement, or sand, clay and straw; adobe; or cement. Then, place the bottles on a concrete base, leaving about two inches between each one; and fill the holes with the mixture, pressing with the spatula each time.

Note: to create a more daring design you can tie the bottles with wire.

4. Once the material is dry, it can be left smooth (sanding) or left uneven.

And ready!

Also see how it can look if you implement this technique in the construction of an entire wall. Dare to do it and opt for a more ecological construction!