How to build a mini-greenhouse for your balcony

Growing in a greenhouse has many advantages: you can have plants that would not otherwise grow in the climate you live in or the season you are in, there is less risk of plants dying, and pests are more controlled and the weed.

Greenhouses are used on a large scale and you can also have a greenhouse in your house, but that’s not all: you can make a mini-greenhouse, to have some pots protected even on your balcony!

In addition, this model that you will learn here is built with photo frames, so it will be very easy for you to get the materials.


– Frames for photographs with glass (they must be the ones with two glasses, without an opaque background):

a) 2 frames of 70 x 40 centimeters

b) 4 frames of 35 x 20 centimeters

c) 2 frames of 40 x 40 centimeters

– A table of 75 x 45 centimeters for the base (optional)

– 2 L-brackets (metallic, to hold the screws)

– Carpenter’s glue

– Drill

– Screws


1. Choose the frames: you need the ones with glass; make sure that they do not have any opaque face, and that they are made of a soft wood that you can screw. You can buy them at photo houses.

2. Join two pairs of the smaller frames as if they formed one 70×20 centimeters, using carpenter’s glue and reinforcing it with screws. Then, connect both pairs so they form a triangular roof, like in the photo. Support them with a metal “L” piece (you can get these as shelf brackets at a hardware store).

3. Assemble the rest of the structure by joining, as if they were a box, the 70 x 40 and 40 x 40 centimeter frames.

4. Join the roof with the base using two hinges, so you can take the plants out whenever you want. The two upper triangles will be free, but it will be good for ventilation.

5. Paint or decorate your greenhouse however you like. If you prefer, place it on a base.


Several small pots will fit perfectly inside it.