How to build a house with pallets

Pallets are frames, usually made of wood, that are often used in construction sites, either in the movement of cargo, or as support in general.

After use, most are discarded, being piled up in the streets without use. However, many of them are in very good condition and can give you totally free material with which to build.

It is possible to make almost anything you can think of with pallets. You can create fabulous furniture with them: from a desk or a table, to a wine cabinet, a deck, or even a swimming pool. But, have you ever imagined that you could build your own house from pallets?

In this note you will see that it is possible, and not only that, but that it represents a very promising alternative to solve the lack of housing around the world, in a sustainable way.

To build a home with pallets, you will need a large number of them, and in very good condition. Some of them you will have to disarm them efficiently, to use them as tables.

Many people who decide to build their own houses usually do so together with other families who have also done so, or are also in the process. This way of building together will allow you to do it faster, and also the experience will be much more rewarding.

plant and walls

Both can be built with pallets, applying polyurethane varnish to provide greater resistance. Try to build a firm and resistant base, capable of isolating the construction from the ground, and of supporting the weight of the home. You can also use concrete to create the initial support base.

The walls are built by forming lateral modules. Then, wooden planchuelas are placed covering all the cavities; and, finally, it is plastered and painted.


Due to the weight of the pallets, building the roof of the home with them is not an advisable idea. You can use sheet metal supported by beams, with a special cover that allows it to resist weather and water. This will give the construction greater security when supporting the walls, so as not to overload them unnecessarily.

Here are some graphs that will allow you to advance with greater precision:

In this video you can also see in detail the entire process of building and loving the house with pallets:

Finally, why not outfit your home with pallets in the same way? Here you have 5 schemes to build furniture with pallets that can also serve you.