How to build a good relationship as a couple according to tips from psychologists

We need to find fulfillment in our relations and quench our thirst to give and receive love. This allows us to transcend the “I”, to pass to the “we”, to the union. Discover that a balance between giving and receiving is necessary for a relationship to be nurturing.

If you are in a relationship, surely you have wondered how to maintain a good relationship. Take into account these tips from renowned psychologists to advance in love and surf any wave.

1. Make it easy, flow without too much effort

  • Things have to be comfortable that we don’t have to waste large amounts of energy on emotions, nor are we forced to fight against them.
  • When this condition is given, there is a real communion, a comfort that is not routine, in which there are no dramas or tragedies, only well-being.

2. That they are two natures that are not too incompatible, not too different

  • That the understanding of the other is not beyond our capabilities
  • The compatibility of man and woman rests on the difference, but also on the possibility of association or complicity.
  • It is not always impossible to bridge differences, but it is essential to raise awareness and face them in order to manage them well.

3. That the members of the couple are true companions

  • That they feel accompanied, since the other is also your friend and friendship does not wear out over the years
  • That they can share their peculiarities, tastes, interests, differences, complicities
  • That they have someone they understand and who understands them
  • The couple relationship is also a relationship of accompaniment on a common path.

4. Have full faith and trust in the other

  • That it is not necessary to fear, distrust or protect yourself
  • May the other inspire us complete confidence, on which a lasting love can be founded, capable of growth
  • That we have the conviction that the other is not going to harm us.

5. The spontaneous wish that the other is well

  • The desire that he be well above our fears or shortcomings
  • It is seeing the other with the intelligence of the heart and not only through our projections and desires.
  • So we love him as he is and we give him what he needs and expects to receive
  • It is about finding happiness with the fullness of the other.

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