How to build a deck step by step with pallets

Who has never dreamed of having a beautiful deck in their garden? However, the costs of these wooden platforms often keep us from this claim. However, bringing it to reality is not as difficult as it seems.
In this note you will learn how to build them step by step in an easy and economical way, reusing the pallets that you can find on the street or that have been thrown as waste material in construction.
You will see that building a pallet deck is easier than you think and if you dare to do it you will be able to create a practical space to enjoy a moment of rest in the open air with the extra satisfaction of having done it yourself.

Necessary materials

-Wood screws
-Water resistant wood varnish
-Wooden plates (to cover the spaces between the pallets)

General procedure

1. Choose the place where you want to build the deck and clear it. If possible, choose a space where the ground is level. Remember that the deck will not be attached to the ground, but supported on it.
2. Arrange the pallets the way you want to build your platform. If you prefer that your deck adapts to a building and the size of your pallets does not fit perfectly, take the measurement and cut them.

3. Once you have assembled the platform structure, use wooden planks to cover the empty spaces of the pallets and create an even surface. Do the same also on the front and sides, fastening the plates with screws. Make sure the wood is sturdy so you can put weight on it.

Note: You can use the size of plates that you consider convenient. Depending on the one you choose, the deck designs may vary. If you use narrower longitudinal boards you will achieve the rustic style that usually characterizes constructions with pallets.

4. To finish, varnish the wood to protect it from the aggressions it may suffer outdoors. This will also give it a glossier finish.
5. Let the varnish dry completely before placing any furniture or objects on it.

It is not impossible!

In this video you will see the process of building a deck that uses, in this case, disassembled pallets to build a rustic and elegant platform at the same time in a garden.

Some deck designs made with pallets

A deck will make your garden an elegant, comfortable and at the same time relaxing environment, creating a rest space in the open air. Chairs accompanied by a small table where you can enjoy breakfast or a snack will be ideal objects to accompany this space. In addition, the furniture you choose can also be made with pallets! Know how.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who have a large piece of land and you are thinking of installing a swimming pool, you can combine both things, since the decks are usually placed in the vicinity of the swimming pools to create a place for relaxation and relaxation. As if that were not enough, and even if you think it impossible, you can make your pool with pallets!

You can also build a deck at the foot of the door that leads to the garden of your home, even creating different levels. For this, use the same technique and place the platforms on top of each other as if it were a ladder.

A chair to enjoy the sun or a comfortable armchair will be perfect and will invite you to sit down and renew the air. Best of all, you can also make them with pallets!

In addition, you can add artificial lighting for the night such as floor lamps, lanterns or lighting embedded in the ground itself, which will give an even more original style.

If you don’t have a large plot of land, pallets are an ideal option, since you can create a deck that suits your space and place pots on it that add color to your free space. Even if you have a pallet left over, you can take advantage of it and build a vertical garden that will go perfectly with the rustic style you have created.

Dare to put “hands to work” and surprise yourself with what you are capable of creating!