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If you have come this far, it is because you may be interested in learning more about how to be railway to work on driving locomotives and trains. For this reason we have written this blog entry on how to work in the railway sector, in which we talk about the academic and professional process necessary to access this job.

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How to work in the railway sector?

In order to become a railway or train driver, specialized training is required to guarantee the theoretical and practical knowledge with which to pass theoretical exams and psychotechnical tests and, ultimately, be able to drive a train.

Being a railway worker means exercising a very important job, since you are the professional who is in charge of directing a passenger or freight train, with all the responsibilities that this entails. This responsibility requires a qualified professional profile, which is obtained through a training plan.

But before knowing more details about this training plan or the requirements to be a railway or train driver, you should know what is ADIF? and What is and RENFE? We try to answer these questions below.

What is ADIF?

The railway infrastructure manager (ADIF), is a Spanish public business entity dependent on the Ministry of Public Works whose objective is the construction of railway lines and the management of their operation.

ADIF inherited the infrastructure RENFE Y FEVE, being the owner of most of the railway lines in Spain.

What is RENFE?

The National Network of Spanish railways (RENFE), was a Spanish state company that operated the national railway network, in charge of the transport of goods and passengers through its lines.