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You ask yourself, How many years is the pedagogy degree? It is because you may feel interested in discovering and solving the difficulties related to teaching. Would you like to learn everything related to this sector? In this post we will solve all the doubts you have about the pedagogy career!

Be pedagogue is to be a teaching professional who plans, executes and evaluates Educational programs. This worker is based on knowledge about psychology, philosophy, sociology and anthropology.

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What is pedagogy?

Etymologically, pedagogy derives from the Greek word paidagogues, which means slave who took the child to school. Since ancient times, pedagogical ideas already existed.

We can define pedagogy as the science that studies education in order to analyze and update it. It is based on psychosocial and philosophical aspects.

branches of psychology

There are many pedagogy classifications, but in this article we are going to mention the ones that we commonly find in universities and other higher level institutions.

  • psychological pedagogy: applied in educational areas with psychology tools to impart knowledge.
  • descriptive pedagogy: analyzes the elements involved in education, and the factors that influence them, such as: historical, biological, psychological and social. The study of Descriptive Pedagogy details the educational action from reality and everything that affects it.
  • Children pedagogy: its purpose is undoubtedly the education of children, for which it develops educational activities in order to improve preschool and primary education.
  • Social Pedagogy: Its field is social services, through which it prevents, resocializes and helps.

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How many years is the pedagogy career approximately?

Pedagogy or bachelor’s degree can last on average 4 years. Nevertheless, It can last depending on the type of pedagogy that you choose to study.

Basically, the race is divided into 3 essential stages or modules:

  • Basic Stage: logically, in this stage fundamental and more basic knowledge is acquired. Subjects such as: Planning of the Teaching Process, Design of Educational Strategies, Philosophy of Education, among others, are studied.
  • Major Stage: At this stage the career is already outlined, with more specific subjects of the profession, for example: Foundations of Cognitive Development, educational psychology, curricular evaluation.
  • Axiological Stage: Provides future professionals with tools that will complement their educational action: Use of ICTs, human and citizen training, oral and written communication, among others.

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