How business activities are classified |

To know how business activities are classifiedwe can say that it has different types that are divided according to the economic area in which they operate, according to their owner, the amount in which they sell their products or services, finally, according to the type of business.

productive area

Firstly, depending on the economic area in which they operate, we can say how business activities are classified, because these depend on productive sector where they are carried out and are cataloged in primary, secondary and tertiary:

  • Exercise primary: deals with exploiting or creating natural resources in the fields of livestock, fishing, mining and agriculture.
  • Exercise secondary: processes the goods received in the activity primary to be sold in the market and help the area.
  • Exercise tertiary: It is dedicated to providing banking services as well as telecommunications and tourism.

It is important to have extensive knowledge of How are business activities classified? whether you decide to study a career related to international or national trade, also if at some point you decide to start your own business, in this case you will already know in which economic area to register it.


The second way in How are business activities classified? It depends on the type of owner running the business. Therefore, the three types of business owners are:

  • Public: commercial activity that is managed by the country’s government, providing payment facilities or cheaper prices so that all the people are able to benefit from products or services.
  • Semi-public: commercial activity whose investments and profits are distributed between the government and related private companies. Usually, these activities are known as subsidized by the State.
  • Private: refers to the fact that the same owners of the companies are the shareholders and those who receive the profits from the commercial activity.

Commercial Companies

The third way in How are business activities classified? is according to the type of commercial companies, which are Business that are dedicated to the purchase and sale of material goods, whether they are raw materials or finished products, but that do not carry out any manufacturing process. Some examples of these organizations are:

  • Electronics stores.
  • Bookstores.
  • Supermarkets.
  • Clothes, shoes and accessories stores.
  • toy stores
  • Dealerships and shops for buying and selling used vehicles.
  • Patisseries and bakeries.
  • Beauty centers such as hairdressers, spas, cosmetic stores, etc.

As can be seen, any place where services or products are bought and sold are considered commercial companies. Now, here are three ways to how business activities are classified of these companies according to the quantity in which they offer their products:

These Business they have the possibility of being wholesalers or retailers. In the situation of wholesalers we speak of merchants who sell their merchandise in large quantities. Also, these companies they usually give to other commercial companies or industrial organizations once they commercialize products that are later going to be subjected to a manufacturing process.

The Business Retailers are also known as retail merchants and sell their products in small portions, mainly for the final customer. These businesses usually work facing the public, whether in physical or virtual stores, where the purchase process is done remotely.

Many commercial organizations work in both modalities, selling to the largest and retail in functionality of their consumers.


The fourth way How are business activities classified? It is based on the type of trade in which the companies and their activities are carried out. Among them we can include the following:

  • Internal trade, refers to that which is carried out between people who are in the same country, subject to the same commercial jurisdiction.
  • Foreign trade consists of commercial activities carried out between two countries, one of them being the buyer and the other seller.
  • Electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce, refers to the purchase and sale of products or services through the internet, whether on social networks or web pages such as Amazon, AliExpress or Mercado Libre. Likewise, the same companies that have a physical store can open their virtual store to increase their sales and be better known.