How are you in your love relationships according to the shape of your lips

The lips They help us to have one of the most intimate contacts with other people, and according to scientific research, thanks to kisses we can share biological information through pheromones.

They express the way we communicate, but also how we give and like to receive love, which is another form of communication.

Like the shape of your hands, the way you close your fist, how is the shape of your navel and other expressions, your lips also speak of your personality.

Each characteristic of our lips says a lot about our personality, as well as represents how we are in our love relationships.

1. Big and full lips

The shape of these lips is related to a strong desire to be a mother and a great spirit of care and protection towards others. They represent someone who puts others first and finds great satisfaction in doing so. You value your love relationships a lot.but to succeed he must balance his wild side.

2. Upper lip larger than the lower one

If the upper lip is larger than the lower lip, this is someone who likes relationships with more drama. These characteristics also define a generous person who cares about other people as much as about herself, especially in her love relationships.

3. Larger lower lip

He is someone who likes to be extremely spoiled, to be filled with details and gifts. He looks everywhere for pleasure and wants to enjoy life with the people he wants.

4. Average lips (neither thick nor thin)

Lips that are not extremely thick or thin have an average size. These people have, just like their lips, a neutral posture towards relationships, since they do not express emotions in their love relationships.

However, these people do not dramatize the situations in the relationship and do not need to be sugary, but they do crave an emotional relationship that has more chemistry and connection.

5. Thin lips

They are lonely and they feel good about it. They do not need someone to be happy, in fact, they are quite reserved and do not like to establish many relationships, although when they do they are quite good at keeping them.

6. Lips with very marked upper clefts

This shape of the lips speaks of a person who is a great communicator and creative. Their mental agility can also make them prone to react suddenly to any comment that their partner makes to them and many times they do not think what they say before speaking, which is why they often end up in arguments.

Although his character is strong, it will not prevent him from finding what he wants, and having safe, honest and happy relationships when he feels like it.

7. Lips with rounded upper cleft

He is a compassionate and kind person, who takes part of his time to help people and be with them. Those who have this type of lips are extremely considerate towards others. Their rather rounded upper lip symbolizes that they are in good health.

With their partner they enjoy being happy in everyday life and lead life in a fun way.

8. Small mouth and plump lips

People with this type of lips are usually selfish at the beginning of their relationships, but once they feel committed, they pay more attention to what their partner needs.

These lips are fleshy but small. If you have this form, you stand out as a calm person and speak very little. However, this makes you captivating and flirty. You get what you want with your relationships once you put your mind to it.

9. Very thin upper lip and normal size lower lip

They give a lot of importance to work and achievements, so love relationships take a backseat. They have many difficulties in love, because they do not relax. For them, the main goal in life is to be somebody.

And you, which of these lips do you have? If you found it interesting, share it with your friends!

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