How are Roman numerals pronounced? teaches

Before I tell you how to pronounce roman numerals, let’s clarify how these numbers are classified. The letters or symbols that we have mentioned above each have a value and can be classified into three types.

  • Those that are subtracted or added depending on the position they occupy and that, in addition, can be repeated up to three times. Also, they can only be written once when they are subtracting:

Yo = 1 and can only be subtracted from v Y X.

X = 10 and can only be subtracted from L Y c.

C = 100 and can only be subtracted from D Y M.

  • The following are not repeated in any case, but each one is equivalent to one of the previous ones by 5 times; In addition, they always add:

v = 5.

L = fifty.

D = 500.

  • The latter, like the former, may also be written three times in a row, but it can only add, not subtract:

M = 1000.

To use or express numbers of the 4000 henceforth, a dash is used over the number whose value will be multiplied by 1000. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that within the decimal Number System, any combination of figures can be read as a valid number, but the same does not happen when we learn how to pronounce roman numerals. Thus, in the latter, writing VV does not make any sense.

As extra data, it can be understood that, not being a positional systemdoes not have a base as such, although the way it was created is probably related to the fact that we have 5 fingers in each hand and that’s why there is symbols which alone represent the amounts of 1, 5, 10, fifty, 100, 500 Y 1000.