Holy Innocents Day 2021 Why is it celebrated on December 28? History –

A few days after arrival Day of the Saints innocentwhich commemorates December 28, 2021we decided to tell you how nice she is customcomes from a history biblical of tremendous cruelty: the Massacre of the Innocents. A fact that had as protagonists the ambitious Herod, King of Judeaand the newborn child Jesus.

The Day of the Holy Innocents: History and meaning

The history of the Innocent saints comes to us through New Testament of the christian biblein the Gospel of Saint Matthew. We must place ourselves a little over 2,000 years ago, that is, at the beginning of the was Christian. Jesus he was just a newborn.

then reigned Herod in judea, who was described in the scriptures as a cruel and ambitious man. In the last years of his reign, Herod received a visit from some Kings they came from East. Their names were Melchior Caspar and Balthazar; who we know as the wise men.

The wise men they came to judea to worship the little boy who -according to the scriptures- was the Son of God. In view of Herod They related that a bright star had shown them the way, and that they came to worship the one who would later be the true King of the Jews.

The king herodI didn’t know who this was little boy. But he did know that -according to the scriptures- she must have been born in Belen. He then ordered the murder of all the kids of less than 2 years. With this terrible and cruel slaughter sought to get rid of the “threat” of child Jesus.

Of course, he did not achieve his goal. The child Jesus survived. His parents Maria and Jose They had been warned by a Angel that they were in great danger. For this reason, they decided to flee to Egypt.

But in judea the massacre had devastated the lives of many kids. The Bible relates that the innocent souls of these little ones rose to the Darling. In the catholic tradition They are remembered as Innocent saints. And the day December 28th is for the Church catholic time to honor them.

Meanwhile, the king herod he lived deceived for a long time, believing that he had killed the God child. It is believed that this aspect of the “cheated”, was the one who fed the popular tradition of Day of the Holy Innocents to play pranks and fool our friends or family.

Nowadays, every December 28, it is customary to take advantage of the “innocence” of those who do not remember what day is this. The Day of the Holy Innocents the sense of humor of our relatives is tested, and ours is also put to the test by dint of false news, disappointments, joke gifts and/or “loans” that are later not repaid.