Historical! Two white killer whales are sighted in Japan for the first time

A group of observers visited the coast of the northern island of Japan, Hokkaido, in a boat, without knowing that they would find a scene that had never been observed before. This was an incredible phenomenon of nature that occurs once every tens or several centuries.

The team of enthusiastic nature lovers found two white killer whales swimming together within the same pod. Together with other whales of their species, these two special specimens came to the surface from time to time to take a breath and then return to the depths of the water.

Marine mammals that would not be albinos, but possibly have leucism instead, because they still had some pigment in their skin. Since they still had markings that were slightly visible and their eyes were still dark as opposed to the bright red eyes that albino whales have.

The youngest white orca even had scars on its flank, which were particularly visible because the scar tissue appears to have healed a darker shade compared to the rest of this specimen’s skin.

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