He was named “The most beautiful horse in the world”. But what they discovered about his fur surprises everyone

These animals are very elegant and have a majestic beauty that is very rare in the animal kingdom. But among the horses, there is a particular breed that stands out from all the others. So beautiful are these animals, that one of them was named with the official title of “The most beautiful horse in the world”.

the sky horse

This horse hails from Turkey and is of the “Akhal-Teke” breed. This breed is so rare that there are only 1,250 copies worldwide. One of those 1250 horses was the one that received the aforementioned award. This breed is known for being very strong horses and having incredible tenacity. In fact, in China they are known as “Sky Horses” for their shiny and silky fur.

The name they gave it matches very well with the characteristics of this animal. When placed in sunlight, their fur shines as if it were dipped in gold. This impressive phenomenon has been the object of study by many researchers. Thanks to that, today it is known that this effect is due to the cellular structure of your hair.

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Each strand of hair acts as a sunlight intensifier. As a result, they begin to reflect the sun’s rays in unique ways. It really looks like something heavenly! It may not really be gold, but its beauty is unique.

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