He is only 1 year old and surprises the world by swimming in the pool

While some parents are scared to death just thinking about their child approaching the pool, they recorded the exact moment in which their little one, who is still wearing a diaper, unwinds freely in the water.

The baby is only one year old and already knows how to float and move to shore. It can be seen that he has the whole situation under control and enjoys a cool dip with his sister while his mother watches over them.

He is very small, but he knows how to move in the water

Could it be the son of Aquaman?

The video has gone viral in a short time and has all kinds of reactions: some point to the parents for exposing the baby in that way, others applaud them for teaching him to swim from a young age, and many others presumed that their babies could do that from the seven months.

See it in action

And you, at what age did you learn to swim?

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