Hawaii offers its tourists free stay in exchange for volunteer work

It is a project through which they offer a free stay in Hawaii in exchange for volunteer work. The intention is to keep the islands active, as well as to ensure that their landscapes remain suitable for tourism.

It is an action promoted by the tourist authorities of the place. Unfortunately, with the pandemic in Hawaii, not only has the tourist presence decreased, but much of its workforce has also left, as people have left for the mainland.

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The project is called Malama Hawai’i

The intention is that there are more travelers to the islands. To this end, agreements have been drawn up with hotels and airlines. In this way, affordable prices for the transfer are achieved. Similarly, with free hosting for visitors.

It happens that the landscapes of these islands have shown a lack of maintenance. For this reason, attempts have been made to hire companies for this work. However, there is a detail: how to hire these jobs if there is no income from tourism?

This is how the idea arose: to offer free stays to travelers. In return, these people have to do volunteer work.

What does this volunteer work consist of?

They are actions directed towards the sustainable tourism. Likewise, that they be actions framed in tourism, never outside this area. For example, specify activities such as the following:

– Plant trees and plants in general.

– The preservation and cleaning of the reefs.

– Knitting of blankets or blankets for the elderly.

– Cleaning of beaches and entertainment areas.

Immediately, several hotels have signed up to offer their services in the Malama Hawai’i program. For its part, the important company Alaska Airlines announces that it will plant a tree for each plane that makes the trip to these islands.

How to reactivate tourism after the pandemic?

It is a challenge that many places that live from this activity formulate. The tourism business must reinvent itself in the face of the new normal. However, creative ideas have to be launched to rekindle people’s interest.

For example, after seven months, Machu Picchu reopens its doors in November of 2020. Likewise, there are places where prices are very cheap. Likewise, trips are promoted with all the measures of biosecurity.

Large museums allow visits with a controlled number of people. Likewise, many areas of natural beauty need to attract travelers with innovative tourism plans. The pandemic has had a strong impact on this activity.

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Will we have mass tourism again? As long as there is no vaccine, it is time to accommodate the circumstances. Tourism cannot just wait, long years, until the virus is 100% controlled. You need actions like Hawaii!