Halong Bay with more than 2,000 islands –

Throughout the world there are imposing natural wonders that, for many years that pass, raise the passion and fascination of all those lucky enough to see them. It is the case of the ha long bayan impressive extension with more than 2,000 islands.

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay, or Ha-Long is a bay located in the north of Vietnam, about 170 kilometers east of the capital Hanoi. It is an extension of water with a size of 1,500 square kilometers whose main characteristic is the multiple rock formations in the form of islands that emerge from the water and that give Halong Bay an almost unreal appearance. In total, it is estimated that there are around 2,000 islands in the bay.

Around the bay stands the halong citywith more than 200,000 inhabitants, so it is normal that along the 120 kilometers of coastline that it covers one can see numerous beaches and ports and come across fishing boats from the area.

Halong Bay is an emblem for the Vietnamese people. Your name means “descending dragon» and is based on a Vietnamese folk legend. Legend has it that the Jade Emperor sent celestial dragons to Halong Bay to fight foreign invaders. These dragons spat out jewels, which would later become the islands that we see today in the bay, and which constituted one of the main stumbling blocks for the invaders when it came to penetrating Vietnamese territory.

Today Halong Bay is one of the most important natural wonders in the world, in fact in 1994 it was declared World Heritage by UNESCO and since 2011 is part of the 7 wonders of the world.

Of course, it is also one of the main attractions for tourism in Vietnam. The best way to get to know Halong Bay is through a two-day, one-night boat trip. It can be done for around 80-100 euros. Along the journey one can also visit the countless amazing caves on the islets. And, of course, be amazed at the beauty and uniqueness of these caves, such as the “Hang Sửng Sốt”, or as it is known in English The Amazing Cave.

Video: Halong Bay

In this video you can see what the fascinating landscape of Halong Bay is like.

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