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Among the innumerable wonders that exist in the world, there are some that are the work of man, imposing works of engineering that have gone down in history over the years. However, there are other wonders that are the unique and exclusive work of nature, which masterfully designs the most spectacular landscapes. It is the case of the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, one of the most amazing places on the planet. Next, we learn more about this bay, its history and its curiosities.

Ha Long Bay

The Ha Long Bay It is probably the most important natural monument in Vietnam, and one of the most recognized in Asia and around the world. Not in vain, since 1994 it is a World Heritage Site and since 2011 it has become one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It is located about 170 kilometers from the capital Hanoi, near the border with China.

It is a bay of 15 km2 in extension and 120 kilometers in length that is characterized by being an enormous labyrinth full of islands and islets, about 2,000. These islands give Ha Long Bay a strange and magical appearance. In addition, many of these islands have grottos and caves inside and some of them are even inhabited.

About 1,600 people live in Halong Bay, spread over four fishing villages called Cua Van, Hang Ba, Tàu Cong and Vong Vieng. Fishing is precisely the main method of subsistence and trade of its inhabitants, not in vain there are more than 200 kinds of fish and 500 species of molluscs in its waters.

The climate in the Bay is characterized by having tropical, hot and humid summers, and cold and dry winters. It is also characterized by abundant rainfall, of more than 2,000 mm per year.

History of Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is a wholly natural monument and therefore an exact date of its creation or construction cannot be established. Suffice it to say that the peculiar landscape of the Bay has been modeled by the waters throughout more than 500 million years of history.

However, for the Vietnamese culture, the origin of Ha Long Bay has an origin based on the myths and legends of the people. According to legend, many years ago the Vietnamese people were fighting against the Chinese invader who was approaching from the sea. The Jade Emperor summoned magical dragons to engage the enemy, but the Chinese fleet seemed to withstand the onslaught. It was then that the dragons began to spit fire made from jewels and jade. In this way, the characteristic islets of the island were created, which formed a great wall and ended up sinking the Chinese ships.

Curiosities of Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay is a very unique natural monument that offers spectacular scenery. In addition, there are many other curious things about this bay, such as the ones we see below:

According to legend, one of the largest caverns in existence, called Hag Dau GoInside, it housed thousands of bamboo stakes, with which the hero Tran Hung Dao managed to defeat the troops of the Mongol general Kublai Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan, in the 13th century. His tactic was simple: he drove the stakes into the bottom of the sea when the tide was high, and the invading fleet ended up stalled and sunk.

Ha Long Bay was one of the points that were in serious danger during the bombardment of the Vietnam War, along with the Long Bien Bridge. Today both are two of the symbols of the country. The bridge was destroyed and rebuilt several times. The Gulf of Tonkin, where Ha Long Bay is located, was used on numerous occasions by the US Navy to carry out its attacks.

It is a place with great wealth in terms of species of fish and shellfish, but also other animals and plants. For example, the different species of monkeys or iguanas stand out. But if there is something that draws attention, it is because of its (for the West) still very unknown flora. Recently, a botanical expedition carried out by the United Kingdom found in the islands of Ha Long Bay 7 new plant species that were not known until now, as is the case of the Violet Chirita and the Halong Cycad.

We have already told you before about the legend that deals with the formation of Halong Bay. The dragons that are the protagonists of the legend are said to still rest at the bottom of the bay.

It should also be noted that most of its people are dedicated to fishing but that, given the boom in sightseeing In recent years and the commercial and exporting desire of the country, many people are trying to take advantage of this boom to make tourists their main economic support.

Images of Ha Long Bay

Take a look at the following gallery if you want to see some spectacular images of Ha Long Bay:

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Video: Ha Long Bay

Here we leave you a video of Ha Long Bay, without a doubt one of the most impressive natural constructions in the world. Without a doubt, it is something that would be worth seeing:

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