Greta Thunberg dances to the beat of the ’80s at an event for climate change

Many comment on Greta Thunberg’s dancing to an ’80s hit at a climate change event that went viral. Nobody expected to see her in the middle of the dance, much less so animated in the middle of the festivity.

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A girl whose image is serious or angry

She is famous for her speeches where she confronts powerful men. She has no kind of limit to say what she thinks. Her main banner is the fight against climate change, and she is recognized for this reason.

Although they have a controversial attitude, it is clear that they also know how to have fun. In this case, the young Swedish woman has been seen singing and dancing in front of many people. A quite unexpected facet of Greta Thunberg.

His objections against contamination, ranging from oil companies Even criticism of the fashion industry has earned him international fame. Because of that, many of her recognized her immediately while she was dancing.

She danced the classic Never Gonna Give You Up

Rick Astley’s song, which was very popular in the 80s. All during the series of concerts baptized as Climate Live. The intention of these concerts is to draw attention to the problem of global warming.

It is added that it is also a kind of prelude to the conference on global climate (COP26), which will be held this year in Glasgow. It is worth saying that the Swedish activist had already made comments about the song that she danced.

Rick Astley’s song is being used in an internet prank. It’s a link that seems to lead to something else, but ends up opening a playback of this music. It happens that Greta Thunberg had fallen for the joke.

However, the young Swedish woman said that this song seemed to her “that it dealt with climate issues”. Therefore, she had no qualms about dancing it. Also, in the middle of a concert that seeks to raise environmental awareness.

A mediatic and controversial person

The young woman born in Sweden always demands to act against climate change and end the “blah, blah, blah”. She has had tough exchanges with heads of state and businessmen from all over the world.

There is no doubt that he is always in the eye of the hurricane. The press is aware of each of his actions. She has managed to attract attention, which she uses to launch her messages in favor of environmental conservation.

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Did you imagine Greta dancing? Her serious, controversial and rude attitude seems to distance her from a festive image. However, she also enjoys music and dancing.