Green aura: what is its energetic meaning

Did they tell you that you have a green aura? Are you wondering what it means? This energy source that surrounds us and is part of us can be of seven different colors. We have it from the day we are born and it accompanies us in life until we take our last breath.

Here we will tell you what the aura is, what colors exist and in particular what special characteristics people of green aura. We anticipate that it is a very interesting color because it can interact with other colors, generating wonderful results for personal well-being and that of those around us.

The green aura has a lot of potential when used in a positive way and drives aspects of our personality and our lives. However when we use that energy negatively, it can also bring unintended consequences or make us petty beings.

It is that, as happens with everything that is energy, it always has the potential to be used and transmitted at both poles. We are the only ones capable of taking the reins of life and leading it in a way that can produce an inner change or in relation to others.

What is the aura?

It is a type of energetic radiation that we human beings have and that some people say they can perceive. Although it is not restricted only to people. The aura is an immaterial luminous irradiation that covers living beings. Something that emanates as an electromagnetic field. Those who can perceive it affirm that it is seen as a color or light that someone or something emanates around.

Those who have this ability may have been born with the ability or virtue to be able to see it, while others work on that intuition for many years throughout their lives to achieve it. However, knowing your own aura can be much simpler and in fact there are some mechanisms that allow you to do so. Once you identify it, knowing what its color means will help you to know those aspects in which you stand out and in which you can channel your energy in a positive way.

Remember that everything in the Universe is energy, it is everywhere. Auras are basically different colored energies, and that is exactly how they differ.

In ancient medicine, the color of the aura used to be related to imbalances and physical or mental illnesses.

Aura: what does it mean?

The word aura comes from the Greek airif you ask yourself literally what does aura mean?, it is a breeze. But why breeze? Probably because it is a word that exemplifies well this feeling that the aura is something that emanates from the bodies of living beings.

Has it happened to you that some people transmit certain sensations to you? For example, you meet them and you feel that your energy and humor are enhanced, or just the opposite, when you are close to them you feel that they make you feel sad or generate rejection. This happens because the aura is an energy field that radiates from people and animals and although most of us cannot see it, it does have effects on us and sometimes we are able to perceive it.

So when we ask ourselves what does the aura mean? We must know that its meaning is spiritual. It transmits physical and emotional information about that person, and there are those who believe that it is also a manifestation of the soul.

The anatomy of an auric body

Although it is energy that manifests around our body and that of animals and other living beings, the aura does not always manifest itself in a single color. In addition, each part of the aura is related to a type of energy either from the past, the present or the aspirations for the future. All of them are defined by their color.

When we see an aura we can analyze its composition by locating what energies the body manifests in each part.

On the left side of the body: On this side we can find the flow of energy that is entering the body, although it is not necessarily an energy that comes from outside. Your left side is the one related to creativity, and it is the energy in preparation, it represents the imagination.

In the upper area: The area above your head represents your awareness, feelings and thoughts, how you feel today and what you hold dear. Also your aspirations and goals for the future.

On the right side of your body: This area shows the energy that is leaving your body, that which has already been used and transformed by you and is being released right now. It is the energy that portrays how you feel right now, and especially how others perceive you right now. The aura colors you find here are related to the changes you are experiencing right now.

In the center of the auric body: Here the colors only appear when there is a very strong feeling. It is the energy that is in your heart.

At the height of the throat: a little above the energy of the heart, you can see the one that corresponds to the chakra of communication. Above all, it shows how you are verbalizing what is happening to you, how you communicate your feelings to others.

The colors of the aura, what do they mean?

Now that we know what the anatomy of the aura is and what it means, we will tell you about the colors it can have. The first thing we can say, many of these colors are related to the energy chakras that go through different points of the body, others appear when the energy of that person got “dirty”, which can happen for various reasons.

red aura

It is related to the first chakra, also called the root chakra. Linked to sexuality, motivation and leadership and the relationship with nature. They also have a lot to do with materialistic thoughts.

orange aura

Related to the second chakra or “navel” highlights a very active personality and full of vitality. They are usually honest and positive people who generate joy in others.

yellow aura:

The yellow aura is associated with the third chakra or also “solar plexus” has to do with a personality of high self-esteem, creative and good communication. In general they are sociable, magnetic and very intelligent people.

pink aura

It is related to the fourth chakra, the heart. In general, they are people who enjoy a quiet life with their family and friends. They are also very emotional and bring sensitivity. They tend to relate very well to animals.

green aura

The green aura is linked to the fourth chakra, just like the pink one. Having the green aura, what does it mean? The green aura manifests itself in people who are usually balanced, calm and cheerful, also objective and persevering.

blue aura

This aura is related to the chakra of communication, which is located in the throat. It shows communicative people who know how to defend what matters with arguments. In general, they are usually the pillars of their community and usually provide tranquility, relaxation, listening and communication skills.

purple aura

This color is related to the sixth chakra, the crown or third eye. It is related to love, spiritual thoughts and psychic transformation.

White or silver aura

It is related to the seventh and last chakra, also called the crown. When it is bright it indicates purity, truth, peace. In general, these people tend to have a highly developed intuition and a strong mental connection.

golden aura

This color is linked to harmony, enthusiasm and inspiration. They are pure-souled people who offer protection to those around them.

The darkness in the color of the aura, what does it mean?

As we mentioned above, there are also other colors linked to times when the aura is “dirty”. They never appear this way innately, but they get dirty for different reasons, in addition they always appear opaque, generally with shades linked to gray, brown and black.

For example, the color gray usually appears in people with depression and dark thoughts. On the other hand, brown, with those people who are very disconnected from their reality or who even deny it. And black is usually associated with misfortunes or also with the strength of people to take care of the negative energies that exist in themselves in this case.

The three colors can also be the manifestation of some disease or negative character traits of these people.

Variations of the green aura: what does it mean?

We have already seen what the aura is, what colors it can have and even what it means to have a green aura. However, this can be deepened, since each color has positive and negative distinctive features that depend on those colors. So when you ask yourself “I have a green aura, what does it mean?”, you will know that the answer is a little broader.

It is believed that when you have a green aura, your energy field is full of hope, motivation, ambition, and desire. It may, for example, occur when you are undergoing a big change in your life and expect the best results.

It can also mean that after going through a big loss, disappointment, or breakup, your heart is healing. This is because the color green also has a deep meaning related to healing.

As it also symbolizes balance, harmony and growth in life, it is a symbol of mental, spiritual and emotional development.

Green Aura: Personality Traits

When you have a personality marked by the green aura, it means that you are a very creative person who has the ability to turn the ordinary into something different and change the boring into something interesting.

In general, people with the green aura have a good eye for beauty and everything related to aesthetics. With creativity they always make their spaces stand out without the need to spend too much money.

They are usually dreamers, but they know how to work hard, determined to put all their energy into creating the life they want. They are also very sincere and communicative, they like to enjoy the good life and share fascinating stories with others.

They are also people who enjoy life outdoors and are very aware that health is based on the balance of body and mind. For that, people with a green aura focus on giving the body the exercise it needs.

Lastly, they are very focused and organized people when it comes to achieving goals. They usually create efficient and organized plans that allow them to achieve everything they set out to do.

Green aura: a wonderful personality that you have to know how to balance

Although there are several methods to know what color your aura is, you will know if you have a green aura thanks to certain traits of your personality. You know you have the green aura when you are not interested in the small details but in the great overall results. You enjoy physical exercises all the time no matter what they are, you have an innate need for movement. You are a brilliant, highly intelligent person of great wit and a natural talent for power.

However, people with the green aura can only be like that if they know how to keep their balance. Sometimes, if their energy is out of balance, they can become irritable and even dictatorial. They have to keep in mind that even if things get out of control they always have a way of working and that is why they must stay away from stress. It is important that they surround themselves with intelligent and mentally stimulating people and a partner who faces their great power and knows how to help balance all these aspects.

As you see, having the green aura is excellent news because it means that you have a very special personality and great potential. Remember to always follow your positive instincts and stay 100%…