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Helen of Troy (1956)

And how could it be less, we have to start with one of the greek mythology movies most successful at the box office, which was inspired by the Iliadthe ancient poem that tells us the great story of the Trojan War. In it we are told how Paris, a Trojan prince sails to Sparta to ensure the peace treaty between these two powerful cities.

On the way he is dragged overboard and found by Elena, the queen of Sparta, before starting a love story that has been the subject of songs, poems and thousands of stories. Her husband, the king Menelausknows what’s going on, though he decides to play along because it gives him a reason to besiege Troy in the future.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (2010)

Traveling a little further in time and with a very different approach within the genre of greek mythology movies, Percy Jackson is a great film that can be enjoyed at any time with the family, where we follow the original story of a demigod son of Poseidon who lives in modern times.

When our main character discovers his identity, he is thrust into the world of the gods where he must fight to stop an oncoming war while rescuing his mother from succumbing to Hades. Along the way, Percy, along with his friends, face all kinds of obstacles and enemies. mythological before arriving in the Underworld. Action, adventure and lots of fun to delight in it.

Immortals (2011)

This is one of the greek mythology movies which loosely follows the Greek myths of Theseus, personified by henry cavill and the Titanomachy. On this occasion, the gods took it upon themselves to imprison the titans under Tartarus and the mortal king Hyperion has the idea to use the ark of Epirus to be able to free them from their captivity.

Theseus, a highly skilled warrior who was trained by the same Zeus disguised, he ends up getting involved in this fight so he can save humanity and defeat Hyperion in the process. The Immortals seek to embrace with great pride the nature of the myths of the ancient Greece and they throw it all on the screen in an original and quite creative way.

Hercules (1997)

There are plenty of movies that have featured Hercules and that they have sought to give the greatest strength to one of the most famous greek legends on the big screen. However, within all greek mythology movies that have been made, none has been able to surpass the 1997 Disney classic.

Obviously the story in this version is heavily tweaked to make it suitable for a very young group, but it still does its story a lot of justice. In it we have Hades plotting to overthrow the other gods and rule the Mount Olympus when he hears about a prophecy that will allow him to free the Titans. Although first she will have to make sure that the son of Zeus, Hercules, does not interfere.

The villain’s minions manage to turn him into a mortal, although this child retains his superhuman and divine strength. Over time he begins the quest to regain his position on Olympus and thwart his Uncle’s plans while he trains to become a hero who becomes a legend. Action, romance, humor and one of the best soundtracks that they have the greek mythology movies and from Disney.

Clash of the Titans (2010)

among the best greek mythology movies You can find this version starring Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson, it is an adaptation of the film of the same name that premiered in 1981 and now you can see it if you subscribe to Netflix.

fury of titans portrays the life and battles of Perseus, a demigod, son of the god of thunder and lightning, Zeus, and the human wife of Acrisio, who upon learning that his wife conceived a child with the Olympian god, murdered her and killed her. He placed the newborn baby in a coffin and later threw them into the sea.

A fisherman finds the coffin, rescues Perseus and adopts him, and the little boy now has a new family. Later, however, on the island of Argos, which Perseus’ new family often visited, the citizens and their new king Cepheus topple the statue of Zeus. His brother Hades is furious and, at that moment, initiates a massive murder of the islanders, falling between them, the parents and adoptive sister of the demigod.

From there, Perseus begins his war against his uncle, who wants to take the throne from his father, god of thunder and lightning.

In this film appear mythological characters such as jellyfishthe Kraken, Apollo, among others.

Troy (2004)

This is another one of the greek mythology movies, which is of American and British origin, and stars Brad PittEric Bana and Orlando Bloom, is based on the epic poem the Iliad.

This film tells the story of Hector, Paris and Achilles, who face each other in an epic battle between Trojans and Hellenes. The narrative thread is based on Agamemnon’s desire to invade Thessaly, despite the fact that, in that land, there is another king who refuses to hand her over, so they decide to pit Achilles, Agamemnon’s ally, against one of the enemy king’s strongest men.

At the same time, Menelaus, brother of agamemnoncelebrate a party in Sparta, which was attended by Hector and Paris of Troy. In it, Paris falls in love with Helena, wife of Menelaus, with whom she maintains relations and convinces her to go to Troy with him.

That was the cause that triggered the war between the Greek and Trojan kings, because when Menelaus finds out that his wife fled with Paris, he asks his brother for help, who in his constant thirst to seize the Aegean Sea, starts a war. However, the high walls of Troy are a great obstacle to overcome, so, in a supposed offering from the gods, they invade the powerful kingdom with the Trojan horse.