Full moon in July 2022: when is it and what does it mean

is approaching the full moon in july 2022 and interest in this type of events is aroused. Necessary be aware of the influence it can have on people’s behavior and feelings. When is it and what does it mean?

This type of phenomenon, such as the full moon in july 2022, It has always attracted attention not only for the natural setting they provide but also for what they generate in people’s energy.

It is likely that, before full moon in july 2022, human beings feel attracted to it and to reveal the various meanings it will have for life, whether personal, work, spiritual, and with relationships, for example.

That is why in this article we want to tell you everything about this type of astrological phenomenon and how it will affect people’s lives, modifying their actions. Let’s know a little more about this full moon in july 2022.

Full moon: what does it mean

If we talk about the full moon what does it mean exactly and why it is called so, we must mention which is an astrological phenomenon that occurs when the planet Earth is located between the sun and the moon, almost aligned. The latter, as it does not have its own light, reflects that of the Sun, which at this time is 100%.

For this reason, during this stage, what is observed from the planet is the visible face of the natural satellite, illuminated by sunlight. What it can be seen in its entirety and not just a portion of it – as is often the case on most nights – it is commonly referred to as the “full moon”.

However, if you talk about full moon, what does it mean spiritually or emotionally, It is necessary to mention that for decades there has been a belief that this star particularly influences people; The fable of the werewolf has even been told for different generations, in which, from the full moon, the deepest and most animal instincts of the human being were awakened.

But the connection con the full moon goes beyond a simple story or myths that revolve around it. When the subjects are connected with it and the universe, it influences their emotions, behaviors, moods and can even affect the destiny of people. In fact, the study of the moon is in most holistic therapies since it is believed that its influence on people has a transcendental weight.

According to astrology, this natural satellite represents the energy of protection and in which people feel safe, so it is not illogical to think that the majority of the population is calmed by the simple fact of observing it, and even spend hours doing it without getting bored.

Hence, there are excursions and tourist activities that consist of going out at night, visiting natural spaces to be able to contemplate the incredible beauty of this natural satellite and take various types of photographs and even paint pictures.

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Even according to astrologers, the moon governs the unconscious of people since each one of them is born with a different lunar complex, depending on the sign, the house and the characteristics of the moon at that particular moment.

However, although in most situations this star refers people to home and tranquility, the energy of the full moon in July 2022 makes a different and particular invitation.

How it affects people

In these cases, it is often said that the full moon, in some people, generates a change in their behavior and mood in a negative way. They may be a little longer irritable in certain situations and in a bad mood. Hence the well-known phrase “This person is lunatic.”

For this reason, it is said that when there is going to be a full moon, people have to prepare not only for their own change of emotions, but also for the subjects that surround them, whether at work, as well as friends, family or partner. Knowing how to understand this cycle will be key to maintaining good links.

However, many believe that the full moon in july 2022, as well as other of these phenomena are a key moment to carry out a energetic change. In this sense, it is common to hear that this time is ideal for clean stones or crystals, which are recharged in the light of the star. Same for those who use oracles.

Likewise, people do too. Sitting in a place surrounded by nature, where you can look at the moon will be key to spiritual cleansing. In addition, if candles can be lit, it will be key to leaving behind what is needed and opening the door to positive issues.

That is why it is said that during the full moon three candles can be lit: one to think about all the negative feelings and let them go; another for the positive issues that you want to strengthen and another for those that you want to attract and that are part of your routine.

Full moon in July 2022: what is it about

During the night of the 13th it will be possible to observefull moon july 2022 or as many know it “Deer Supermoon”an astrological phenomenon whose origin dates back to the native peoples of North America.

What is this name due to? As you have surely read or heard, both the planets like the stars have been one of the ways to orient and locate civilizations in time.

In this case, the full moon in July 2022 is so named because those populations linked this time of year with the growth of deer antlers in the north. There is talk of a direct relationship between time-space and nature.

In turn, heThe terminology “supermoon”, a concept from astrology or more colloquially,
is scientifically known as lunar perigee and refers to the moment in which the celestial body is at its closest point to planet Earth.

While the average value is 384 thousand kilometers, at the moment it is 350 thousand kilometers away. This matches the full moon of July 2022, so the natural satellite will appear 30% brighter and 14% larger.

However, as detailed on NASA’s own page, this astrological phenomenon It is also known as the “Thunder Moon” in some parts of the planet due to frequent electrical storms. that occur during July; or even as “Hay Moon” since it is the time when this grass was collected to provide it as food for the animals on the farm.

Now that you know about the full moon in july 2022, what does it mean, it is worth mentioning that this will be the second time this has happened in the year and a third is expected for the month of August as the “Supermoon of the Sturgeon”.

Lunar phases in July 2022

beyond the full moon of July 2022, during this month the rest of the lunar phases will happen, of course. Next, the detail according to the data collected by the National Geographic Institute (IGN).

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First quarter: it will be on July 7, with the moon in Libra.
Full Moon: As mentioned above, it can be observed on July 13, and it will be in Capricorn.
Last quarter: will arrive on July 20. The moon will be in Aries.
New Moon: finally this can be seen on July 28, in Leo.

now you know what does full moon mean in july 2022, why will it be called Super moon and why it is necessary to pay attention to these astrological phenomena because of how they affect both emotions and behaviors.

You already know the most important information about this full moon in July 2022. Do you think you will feel any change? Have other events of this type affected you emotionally in any way? And your acquaintances?

Font: National geographic and 20 minutes.