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The title of education in a training center, resembles the degree modality in terms of the method of retention of information and learning of new knowledge. The type of study online high school, In recent years, it is gaining a lot of importance since it is possible to take high school studies, or baccalaureate, or different types of secondary courses in this modality.

Information about online baccalaureate studies or other secondary courses can be seen in practically any access to university services. People can access and Obtain your degree at the university, taking a virtual training modality.

What is the online baccalaureate title and what do I achieve with it?

The online baccalaureate is a non-compulsory training stage consisting of two courses, to attend the Bachelor stage it is necessary to have achieved Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education either have obtained the Technician Title (for having passed an intermediate level training cycle).

The capabilities that he online high school It must contribute to developing in the students and the students are the following:

  • Master the Spanish language, developing the linguistic competence necessary to understand and produce oral and written messages, appropriate to different contexts, with propriety, autonomy and creativity.
  • express yourself fluently and correction in a foreign language.
  • Analyze and critically judge realities of the contemporary world and the antecedents and factors that influence it.
  • Understand the fundamental elements of research and the scientific method using them rigorously in the study of different disciplines and in situations related to daily, personal or social experience.
  • enable and consolidate a personal, social and moral maturity that allows to act responsibly and autonomously, valuing the effort and the capacity for initiative.
  • Take part in solidarity in the development and improvement of the social environment of the male and female students.
  • Master the scientific and technological knowledge fundamentals and the basic skills of the chosen modality, as well as its applications and impact on the physical, natural and social environment.
  • develop the artistic and literary sensibility as a source of training and cultural enrichment.
  • Develop healthy living habitsunderstanding and analyzing the impact of various acts and personal decisions on individual and collective health.
  • Use physical education and sport to promote personal development.
  • analyze the mechanisms basics that govern the functioning of the physical and natural environment, studying the repercussions that human activities have on it and participating in solidarity in the development, defense, conservation and improvement of the socio-natural environment.
  • know and value the cultural, natural and historical heritage, contributing to its conservation and improvement.

The education and training offered in any center or the degree in a university, requires obtaining information on the availability of the modality since it has been incorporated over the years in Spain. On average, high school education and training, also known as online high school, increasingly being courses through the virtual modality as in the case of high school courses.

The university offers a degree to all students and people who have been able to study and have had access to all the services offered by studying online. The access to all kinds of services faster and more efficient for individuals and for the university.

Therefore, education at the training center and undergraduate studies require prior information, which informs about the type of studies, the years needed in Spain and in other countries, as well as the different degrees of education, since that it will not be the same to study online high school to study for a degree at university.

In the same way the title and access nor will it be the same for everyone, so knowing the differences and being able to compare them with the requirements of the virtual education, are different when it comes to studying.

According to the educational ordinance of the Internet distance system. You can also look on the web how it is taught in person where all students attend our center. Visit the center’s website and request information about this course, which can be in person or via the Internet. The educational ordinance follows its own system with a cookie policy and security in its navigation.

“Regulated training has different training stages, in this case, high school is a stage that is not compulsory and, therefore, sometimes there are people who are forced to abandon their training. However, thanks to the online high school modality free offered by Business School, allows students to continue increasing their training, being able to take it at the time they want.”

What modalities of online open high school can we find?

The following are established modalities of online high school :

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Bachelor of Arts

Within each of these types of online high schoolteaching is structure in three types of subjects:

  • Core subjects, which are basic subjects of general training. In addition, within this block, there are also optional core subjects, to be chosen by the student.
  • Specific subjectswhich includes those subjects aimed at deepening the specific knowledge of the chosen Baccalaureate branch.
  • Aautonomic free configuration signaturessuch as the co-official language of the autonomous community and other subjects to expand content, or even a subject from the block of specific subjects that has not been taken.

Bachelor of Science and Technology

In this kind of online high school oriented towards the scientific branch of knowledge, you will find subjects such as the following:

During the first course:

  • subjects trunks What Philosophy, Spanish Language and Literature I, Mathematics I and First Foreign Language I.
  • as trunks optional: Biology and Geology, Technical Drawing I and Physics and Chemistry.
  • subjects specific: Physical Education, Musical Analysis I, Applied Anatomy, Scientific Culture, Artistic Drawing I, Language and Musical Practice, Religion, Second Foreign Language I, Information and Communication Technologies I, etc.

In the second course:

  • subjects trunks: History of Spain, Spanish Language and Literature II, Mathematics II, First Foreign Language II.
  • as trunks optional: Biology, Technical Drawing II, Physics, Geology and Chemistry.
  • subjects specific: Musical Analysis II, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Artistic Drawing II, Technical Drawing II, Fundamentals of Administration and Management, History of Philosophy, History of Music and Dance, Image and Sound, Psychology, Religion, Second Foreign Language II, Graphic-Plastic Expression Techniques, etc.

Bachelor of Humanities and Social Sciences

Within this Baccalaureate modality, the subjects to be studied are, among others, the following:

In the first course:

  • subjects trunks What Philosophy, Spanish Language and Literature I, First Foreign Language I and, finally, Latin I or Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences I.
  • as trunks optional: Economy, Greek I, History of the Contemporary World and Universal Literature.
  • the subjects specific Are the same as in Scientific Baccalaureate.

In the second course:

  • subjects trunks: History of Spain, Spanish Language and Literature II, First Foreign Language II and, finally, Latin II or Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences II.
  • as trunks of optional: Business Economics, Geography, Greek II, History of Art and History of Philosophy.
  • subjects specific: the same as in Scientific Baccalaureate.

Bachelor of Arts

The subjects of this type of Baccalaureate are the following:

In the first course:

  • subjects trunks What Philosophy, Foundations of Art I, Spanish Language and Literature I and First Foreign Language I.
  • as trunks optional: Audiovisual Culture I, History of the Contemporary World and Universal Literature.
  • the subjects specific Are the same as in the previous cases.

In the second course:

  • subjects trunks: Fundamentals of Art II, History of Spain, Spanish Language and Literature II, First Foreign Language II.
  • as trunks of optional: Performing Arts, Audiovisual Culture II, Design.
  • subjects specific: the same as in the other types of Baccalaureate.

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