Franco’s biography: Franco’s dictatorship –

After our previous articles on the most relevant stages in the life of Francisco Franco we reached the end of the Biography of this transcendental protagonist of the history Spanish. In this last chapter, it remains for us to know the long dictatorship imposed by Frank, that would last from the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939 until his death in 1975.

Frank Y Hitler gathered in Hendaye

In the more than three decades that the dictatorial regime Francoist very different has been the situation that went through Spain. For this reason, some fairly marked stages can be recognized in the period 19391975.

Let us remember that the Civil war Spanish had finished the April 1, 1939beginning the dictatorship of Francoism. Is dictatorship implied that the General Franco controlled so much armyAs the match and the government.

In 1939with the beginning of the Second World Warthe pressures of their allies of the Axis (which had been vital to his victory in the War Civil) to take part in the conflict.

Then the famous interview of Frank with Hitler in Hendayethe October 23, 1940. There they agree on theneutrality” of Spain, in exchange for the “Blue Division» Spanish will participate in the campaign in soviet.

Repression during the dictatorship

In the meantime, Spain suffered a terrible repression. It is estimated that the executions politics between 1939[1945, were more than 28,000. Most of them were made between 1939 Y 1940.

the end of the Second World War in [1945and the defeat of Axis leaves Spain in a difficult diplomatic position. The UN calls on its members to withdraw their ambassadors from Spain. The Franco regime enters a stage of great international isolation, only broken the President Peron (Argentina) and the regimen Salazar (Portugal).

In the context of Cold War, USA seeks to include Spain among his allies and begins a diplomatic campaign on his behalf. USA sign a treaty bilateral with the Francoism in 1953. It agreed to install US military bases in Spain. For Frank This marked the beginning of international unlocking. In 1955 managed to enter the UN.

The period between 1951 and 1959 is seen as the «transition years«. Spanish society seems to be “accommodating” to this new political reality. The main ones have already been eliminated. political opponents to the regimeand the spirit of Civil war it is weakening.

Demonstration against Franco regime1968

The next period -between 1959 and 1973- will be a moment of important economic development for Spain. In 1966the constituent process reached the enactment of the State Organic LawApproved by referendum.

The “organic democracy” of Frank was consolidating. In 1969 designation occurs in the Cuts of Juan Carlos of Bourbon as successor to head of state with the title of kingafter the death of Frankas established by Organic Law.

In 1973 a new stage of economic crisis Y politics. Frank designates the Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco What President of the goverment. racer dies in an attack. Then Frank name a Carlos Arias-Navarro President of Minister council. It was a sign of departure from Frank of power and the hope of future reform.

in July 1974, the state of health of Francisco Franco is increasingly delicate. Give up on an interim basis head of state to the Prince Don Juan Carlos. In this context of weak regimethe political crisis it deepens. To this is added the strong inflation and the economic recession.

Frank seriously ill at the end of October 1975. The November 20 dies in Madrid. With him also died his length dictatorial regime and single person. and was born transition towards the long-awaited democracy. Two days later Don Juan Carlos de Bourbon is appointed by the Cuts What Juan Carlos I, King of Spain.


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