Firm and lift your bust with these 5 tricks. You will notice big changes!

The breasts are an important part of every woman’s body, and that is why the desire to keep them firm throughout life is normal. Unfortunately, it is an impossible fantasy, since the inevitable passage of time will cause the breasts to begin to give way to gravity.

However, this moment can be delayed with different types of care. In general, the sagging of the breasts begins around the age of 40, and is accentuated by breastfeeding, sudden changes in weight, nutritional deficiencies, tobacco and alcohol, among other causes.

what you should know

The most important thing to know is that the breasts themselves do not have muscle. They are made of fat and tissue, and are held upright by surrounding muscles that support them.

Therefore, one of the main ways to keep your breasts firm for longer is to exercise the muscles that support your breasts. Swimming is an ideal sport for this.

But added to that, you can take care of the breast area with different types of lotions and remedies. If you always prefer what is natural to what you can get in a pharmacy, you will love these recipes that we bring you today.

1. Colony of Celery

Celery juice contains vitamins A, B, C and K that help in many ways to keep skin healthy. In particular, because they stimulate the production of collagen, which keeps the skin supple and young for longer.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis remedy is to turn your usual bath colony into an excellent solution for your breasts.

What do you need:


  1. What you should do is peel the celery, removing all the skin, and then cut it into small pieces.
  2. Then, in a glass jar, put the celery and the colony and let it macerate for 15 days. After that time, the colony will be mixed with the celery juice.
  3. You only have to apply it on your breasts, from the bottom up and you will see how, by doing it consistently, the skin of your breasts begins to look much better and you have them more erect.

2. Aloe Vera Pulp

Aloe vera has incredible health benefits. This very versatile plant is especially chosen for skin problems, such as scars, burns, or stretch marks.

Due to its antioxidant content and its firming power, it also works as a tonic against sagging breasts.

Apply a little aloe vera pulp every night. To do this, massage in an upward circular motion.

3. Ice massages

Massaging the breasts with ice is an effective way to make them look more toned. It is that the cold temperature will cause the tissue to contract, making the breasts look firmer and lifted.

Take 2 ice cubes, and massage in circular motions around each of your breasts. Carefully! At most, do it for a minute, as more time can generate numbness.

Immediately dry your breasts with a towel, put on a bra that supports you well, and remain in a reclining position for 30 minutes.

You can repeat the process several times a day.

4. Olive oil

Massaging the breasts with olive oil is another natural and simple technique to firm the bust. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, which prevent sagging and improve skin texture.

To give yourself these massages, put a little olive oil on your hands and rub them together to generate heat. Then, in an upward motion, apply the olive oil to your breasts.

Gently massage for a few minutes to increase circulation and improve cellular respiration. Apply the remedy 4 to 5 times a week.

5. Cucumber, coconut oil and egg lotion

This lotion is an ideal combination of different natural remedies. Together, they make an amazing formula.

Cucumber provides hydration, while coconut oil and egg have firming properties.

To make it you must mix a tablespoon of coconut oil, a beaten egg and the juice of a liquefied cucumber in a container. Mix until all the ingredients are well integrated.

Then, apply to the breasts, as in the previous cases, always massaging in a circular way. Leave on for half an hour and then remove with cold water.

Apply the lotion every day or at least 4 times a week to notice the changes.