Find out what kind of witch you are according to your sign

That women are called “witches” should not be an offense, but a compliment. After all, that is how women who escaped the parameters of what was considered normal in each era were called in history. They met with others in secret, they healed and enjoyed their bodies and their sexuality without so many concealments.

In times past, society associated them with the evil, because a huge liberating power that they detected as a threat.

Nowadays women wake up more and more and with greater strength. That is why that lineage of which they are a part, the knowledge of their ancestors, is resurfacing in them. Today they want to meet, heal, lose the fear of saying or enjoying their sexuality. The women are coming out of that historic cave where they were pushed to give each other strength and assert the place they deserve.

But not all witches are the same and that is precisely why they are all important, since each one has its own power. Know which one is yours according to your sign.

Aries: Storm Witch

You have an intense and electric indoor climate. You possess the power to awaken others or even a vibrant energy within yourself. You can expel someone from your life with force, but above all you have the courage and the initiative to motivate any beginning of change, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Taurus: Animal Witch

You develop such an earthy energy that you easily empathize with the animals you come across. You always have an energetic guardian taking care of that power that makes everyone around you feel as comfortable as at home.

Gemini: Laughing Witch

You have the power to awaken the inner child of anyone around you. You cheer and invite adventures and mischief. You are guided by curiosity and intuition. You don’t fear or judge. Like the genuinely good heart of a child, you know how to see the soul of others and appreciate the good that is inside.

Cancer: medicine witch

You have a very powerful protective energy and you know well how to help another to heal, either physically or mentally. It is no coincidence if in your house you have herbs for infusions, creams with natural oils, energy stones or incense ready for any emergency.

Leo: witch of the divine

You have the power to connect with the divine, whether it be a universal energy, a deity, or other beings of light that have gone before us. You are not afraid of what you cannot see and you know how to recognize the power of its energy accompanying any present change.

Virgo: Green Witch

You know how to connect with nature, recognize its gifts and everything it can provide you to heal yourself or your companions.

Libra: Negotiating Witch

You have the power of balance. You can detect when things are not in harmony and help everything find its best point.

Scorpio: dark witch

The forbidden does not disturb you, but attracts you. That is why you are the witch with the greatest power to deal with the negative or heavy energies that surround or hinder us.

Sagittarius: Witch Summoner

You have the power to set up meetings and gatherings from one moment to another. You summon, encourage and ignite in the groups that desire to share time with others.

Capricorn: Earth Witch

You are one of those people who always has a stone close to them to balance the energies. Your power is to put your feet on the ground when necessary. You organize, structure and plan, something very important in any group.

Aquarius: Creator Witch

Your power is to create the most original ideas, the most utopian plans and the most alternative proposals. Then the group needs to make them concrete, but you help to always think big and without paying attention to any stereotype or limiting parameter.

Pisces: emotional witch

Your power is in your ability to connect with your own feelings, but also with those of others. You are empathetic, sensitive and dreamy, and that is important in any group, because if things are not done with the heart, they may not have the passion or the permanence that any fight needs to become a conquest.

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