Exposure Triangle in Photography (Explanatory Infographic)

If you understand the exposure triangle, you have 98% of photography technically mastered.

In photography, this triangle is the mother of the lamb. I think they should include and explain this concept at the beginning of all photography courses, they should even include it in the manuals that come with SLR cameras.

What is the exposure triangle?

The exposure triangle is a visual representation that summarizes the three parameters that influence the exposure level of a photograph. These three elements are shutter speed, aperture, and ISO sensitivity.

To illustrate this concept more graphically, I have prepared the following infographic in which I present each of these concepts more closely and show you, with very graphic examples, how they relate to each other.

master this concept of exposure triangle It is key so that, as a photographer, you have a fluid relationship with your camera and can use it at ease to capture impressive photographs like the ones you always wanted to take.

I leave you with the infographic. I hope you find it useful and that you share it to spread the information.

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