Exercises to increase the ideal buttocks for men

Let’s face it, the glutes are an essential part of the exercise. Perhaps it may be vanity, but knowing that the human being generates a high degree of attraction through the physical, the buttocks have become a million dollar industry.

You can find videos, you can get into classes that focus only on that area, and you can also work on your own to build muscle, which will not only make you look better, it will make you feel better about your body and your self-esteem.

The following exercises can help anyone, but sometimes men have fewer options and it’s good to vary to make a real impact on the glutes.

goblet squats

Squats are the basic exercise to strengthen and develop the glutes. Try starting with the traditional ones, where you have to put your legs at the level of your shoulders and open your legs so that they are separated by the space between your shoulders. Go down and up without resting.

The difference with globet squats is that you need to take something with considerable weight and put them at chest height, this will make the effect even greater.


The lunges you must put one leg forward as if you were taking a long step so that your other leg is behind and that the knee almost touches the floor, although it should never do so. Then you must return to the straight position and repeat the movement. Do the repetitions giving importance to each leg and after a while also make sure to take some weight to improve the exercise.

Dead weight

The deadlift is something that will not only help your glutes, but also your soleus, calves, hamstrings, core, and more. It turns out to be a pretty functional exercise, as long as it’s done the right way.

You should always have your knees slightly bent, be very close to the bar, and raise it to the height of the instep, then we grab onto the bar and bring our calves closer to it. Finally you have to get your chest out and lift without bringing your hips down.

Remember that you should always take care of your physical integrity. Do the routines with days apart so that your body rests and even if you feel that you can carry a lot of weight, go in moderation, because many times that is how people cause hernias that end up with all the effort invested.



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