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The human body is a wonder. We are works of art that reflect
millions of years of evolution and best of all is that unlike
of animals, we are aware of it. Even though we can’t fly
change color or carry a hundred times our weight, we are capable of
achieve it with the help of our ingenuity.

The body has become an obsession of ours and for
centuries we pay more attention to it. This is why many women seek
reduce hips. Due to anatomical issues that facilitate
childbirth, women tend to have wider hips, but a
diet full of junk food, a sedentary life and sometimes the same
Genetics influences between the body they want to reach, however
exist some exercises that can counteract it.


It’s about doing squats, but as if you took a step towards the
front. Flex and feel how your body works only with your legs.
Remember that it is a job that takes time so do not wait
immediate results, but whenever you feel that you are not giving your
greater effort, grab some weights and start again so that the weight
make your legs work harder.

raise the legs

In addition to working with your hips, it will help a lot with your buttocks and
legs. You must lie down on your stomach and then on your knees,
raise one of the legs as high as you can and repeat 20 times.
Then do the same with the other leg and also remember that with
ankle weights will achieve better results.

short jumps

This exercise serves to work the outer part of the hip.
Flex one foot and raise it as high as you can, lower it and do the same with the other. It should look like you’re running on the same spot, but with your knees coming up a lot. This exercise can tire you out very quickly, but it’s important that you keep going even though your legs feel like they’re about to explode with all you have to really burn the fat you want to lose.

hip lift

Lie on your back, flex one foot and raise your back and hips.
Then lift the other foot so that it is as high as possible. Lower down and do 10 reps, then do the same with the other foot. This exercise will help you tone your legs, buttocks and reduce your waist.


It is a much simpler exercise than the others and also provides great results. You just have to lie on your side on a mat, lean on one elbow and stretch your legs, then just lift one foot and repeat 20 times. Switch sides and do it again, this way you will effectively work your hips and legs. This is another exercise that you can also do with weights on your ankles to maximize results.

Exercise should be a fundamental part of your lifestyle. With work and dedication, you will only need functional exercise throughout the body to maintain the figure you want.