Everything You Need to Know About the Canon 70D

If you are looking for a SLR camera with features that are difficult to match, we recommend that you take a look at the following model of this camera: the Canon EOS 80D, because the 70D has become somewhat outdated 😉

Happy New Year! After saying goodbye to the year and all that it entails, we cannot forget that the Three Kings of the East are getting closer and we all know how much these “gentlemen” like cameras. For this reason, many of us, when this time comes, we get a little “nervous” and it makes us wonder if our camera is not too obsolete or if we have been good enough to make a leap to a better model.

But don’t worry, before deciding if you need a new camera model and sending them the letter with the model you want, make sure which one best suits your needs or if your new whim will respond to your wishes. If you are looking for a versatile mid-range SLR, today I bring you the Canon EOS 70D.

To learn more about Canon, its cameras, mounts, terminology, etc., do not miss this guide that we have prepared for you. And if you need to check the compatibility of Canon lenses, this free tool is what you are looking for.

To whom?

This is not a professional camera, it is intended for an amateur user. However, its benefits do not leave it too far and its price is more than affordable in that sense. If you are thinking of starting out as a professional but you are still not sure, or you are simply a photography enthusiast whose equipment is falling short and you are also a video lover, the Canon EOS 70D can be a very good one. choice.

What does the Canon 70D bring new?

The main novelty and its most remarkable aspect is that it is the first Canon EOS to feature the new (hybrid) autofocus system, called Dual Pixel CMOS AF. What is this? It is a new system that allows a smooth, fast and precise focus when recording Full HD videos, even selecting where we want to focus with our finger on the touch screen. This novelty makes it a very “appetizing” camera to record videos.

As other outstanding novelties, I must tell you that it adds to the touch screen and the integrated Wi-Fi system, and that it has a quieter shooting mode.

Main Features

  • 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor. It is not one of the cameras with the highest resolution, however its 20 megapixels will be more than enough.
  • Mobile screen. With this help you will be able to take snapshots from complex angles, giving our images greater creativity. Very useful to get very creative photos (when you have no ideas). 😉
  • Its 19 cross-type AF points and continuous shooting at up to 7 frames per second at full resolution allow you to capture magnificent images of action and movement. Highly recommended for nature or sports photography.
  • DIGIC 5+ processing, a powerful image processor to deliver images full of detail and clarity.
  • ISO. 100- 12,800 (H: 25,600) (6,400 in video mode). Works very well in poor light conditions.
  • Wifi. You will be able to review and share the images immediately and control the camera remotely through an application called EOS Remote.
  • 7.7 cm ClearView II vari-angle touchscreen LCD. But if you still find a touch screen on an SLR awkward or uncomfortable, don’t worry, you can also handle all the controls manually.
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF enables faster autofocusnot only has an advantage in video, when shooting in Live View mode, you get faster autofocus, much like that achieved with the viewfinder.
  • Allows 65 JPEG images or 16 RAW images in a single burst.
  • Edit and process RAW images from the camera itself.
  • Full-HD videos (1080p).
  • External microphone input for the sound.
  • Drums: +900 shots with a single battery recharge.


The main drawback of the Canon 70D is that you cannot use video mode and Wi-Fi connectivity at the same time. On the other hand, while it improves the viewfinder coverage of its predecessor from 96% to 98%, it still falls behind the competition.

Canon 70D Price

You can get the Canon 70D from 1,000 Euros, although the price will vary depending on the chosen kit and the store where you make the purchase. If you want to get one I recommend you do it on Amazon where they offer good prices and good customer service.

Photos and videos

After so much data, technical characteristics and others… the most important thing in a camera is the result.
So that you can check it before making the outlay or compromising the Three Kings of the East, I leave you with some examples taken with this camera.

I hope this post has been useful to you and if so… what are you waiting for to share it? 😉