Eva Mendes says Ryan Gosling is her “Ken” in real life

Actress Eva Mendes is reported to have said, “That’s my Ken!” She was thrilled with Ryan Gosling’s transformation to become Kent, Barbie’s boyfriend. The first images of the actors have already been shown.

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A film directed by Greta Gerwig

This director and screenwriter is in charge of making the film about the famous Barbie doll. There is a lot of confidence in her work, since she has stood out in works such as the film “Little Women” of the year 2019.

However, her greatest achievement and recognition has been the making of the film “Lady Bird”, for which she obtained a couple of Oscar nominations: Best Director and Best Original Screenplay, receiving very positive reviews.

Now, Greta Gerwing is on a mission to bring a movie about the popular blonde doll to the screen. The story includes Barbie’s boyfriend, named Kent, who will be played by the well-known actor Ryan Gosling.

Source: Instagram @evamendes

The first images of Ryan Goling as Kent

The promotion of the film has had enough push. Without wasting time, the photograph of the protagonist was shown: Margot Robbie. She looks smiling, being a blonde woman and very similar to the doll in the film.

Now, the first photographs of actor Ryan Gosling appear representing Barbie’s boyfriend. He appears with pretty blonde hair, showing off a bare-chested outfit. The image has attracted a lot of attention.

Some people have criticized the “artificial” aspect of the character. On the other hand, it has also been commented that it looks very striking. The truth is that almost no one has been indifferent to the representation of the character.

One of the people who has reacted positively is Eva Mendes, wife of Ryan Gosling. She let out a gleeful expression: “That’s my Ken!” She has always supported her husband, happy for her acting work.

Source: Dave Allocca/Starpix/Shutterstock

A couple that has been together for a decade

They met during the year 2011, in the filming of the movie “Crossroads”. Since then, they have been one of the most popular couples in Hollywood. They have two daughters, born in the years 2014 and 2016.

They are also a very secretive couple. On few occasions they declare before the press, being equally very elusive to participate in public events. That is why Eva Mendes’ recent statement has drawn so much attention.

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Do you want to see the Barbie movie? Well, you have to be patient. The premiere is scheduled for the year 2023, although the promotion started well in advance to capture an audience.