Energy protection guide to keep you vibrating high

The energy field of your physical body interacts all the time with that of the people you frequent and the spaces you attend. If you sharpen your perception and open your listening, you will be able to realize if you feel comfortable in that environment or with that company, or if you feel a dense or negative energy.

Usually this is not due to any kind of malicious intent, just a difference in vibrational frequencies of each human being and each place. All of us, throughout life, fluctuate between higher and brighter energies and lower and darker energies. The important thing is to recognize each type of energy in order to cleanse, purify and elevate your energy field when you feel drained, tired or negative.

The energy protection consists of take care of your energy to keep it in a high vibrational state. To do this, you must be aware of cleaning and discharging your energy on a daily basis: spend time in nature, take a bath with coarse salt or incense with herbs.

By being aware of your energy field, knowing yourself and registering your sensations, emotions and thoughts, you will be able to easily recognize when you are absorbing an external energy of low vibration.

Your physical body is the greatest indicator of how the energy around you is. When a person or place vibrates high, you usually feel peaceful and happy, but when it vibrates low, you can feel drained or confused.


Faced with a situation in which you feel that an external energy is impacting your energy field, or if you know that you are going to expose yourself to spaces where there will be many people, these are the techniques that you can use to protect yourself:

positive affirmations

Affirmations work as powerful decrees: you can internally repeat to yourself “I am protected”, “my field is surrounded by love”, “all is well in my world” to seal your energy field and keep you vibrating high.

protective crystals

Crystals are great allies to protect you from the energy of your environment, since they are responsible for absorbing negative energy and transforming it into positive. You can wear them in pendants, bracelets, rings, or in your pockets. Obsidian and black onyx are very protective crystals.


You can imagine that you wrap your entire body in a protective blue or violet light. This will mark the boundaries between your energy field and that of others. Also, you can visualize that you put on a jacket that limits and protects your field.

Invocation of Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael can protect you from any negative energy as he intervenes to save lives and protect the bodies of all beings on earth. To invoke him and ask for his protection, you only need to call him internally or out loud and he will come.

Do you know other techniques to protect your energy?


Solange Marin