Emotional Health: 4 signs that your relationship is not working well

It is important to know these 4 signs that indicate that your relationship is not working well. Do not forget that couples are not perfect, they can have problems and foresee a possible collapse.

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Signs of problems in a relationship

There are all kinds of inconveniences, from so-called relationship stress to the end of physical attraction. The bad thing is that these slips are allowed to accumulate, the evidence of a growing fracture is not accepted.

We want to show four (4) things that are serious: criticism, contempt, negative attitudes and avoidance. They are problems that are let go, not attended to, that become a cancer that destroys a relationship.

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Watch out! Constant criticism of the other person must be handled carefully. Perhaps, whoever receives the criticism does not say anything… But he feels it as offense, as disagreement with her presence.

When there is constant criticism of each other, a rivalry ends up brewing. So, the couple walk through a gorge: they no longer share, they compete; and there is a mutual discomfort in everyday life.

2) Scorns

Couples need mutual appreciation. One of the best rewards is knowing that the couple values ​​what the other person does. However, one of the problems in relationships is tacit or obvious contempt.

You have to be careful not to treat the other person in a derogatory way. This is how a right is created that can later be impossible to retrace. These scorns may go unnoticed, but someone feels them and accumulates.


Constantly complaining, talking about continuous unhappiness or conformism. An uncomfortable environment is created, from which the other person may wish to escape. Without a doubt, this is a bad indication that needs to be corrected.

However, it happens that this is one of the most common drawbacks. It is important to consider that you have to create a comfortable, conducive environment. The couple should be a space of peace and mutual tranquility.


It is serious when the two people evade. Internally, they already know something is wrong. However, the avoidance stance simply prevents them from talking and fixing what is fracturing the bond between them.

Many times, the moment of evasion is very close to the final break. For not talking time, it is almost impossible to repair the wounds. Even if the separation is imminent, then it can happen on very bad terms.


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Have you seen these signs? You have to be alert to these four warnings of problems in a romantic relationship. They are more common than people think.