Egg in a glass of water: How to know if you have negative energies?

If you are looking for the technique of egg in a glass of water, surely at some time in your life you have heard about the evil eye or about how a person began to go through a bad patch because someone threw something like that at him. That is, because negative energies took over his body for no reason.

Although there are several ways to clean negative energies, one of the most attractive and used is the one that is done with a egg in a glass of water.

┬┐What is the evil eye?

Someone’s look says a lot, both for better and for worse. In this sense, in the Middle East, in Brazil, in India, and other areas of the world, the gaze of other people is highly respected, since it is considered that it can be a channel of negative energy. And also positive, obviously.

This belief dates from the third millennium before Christ in the Sumerian era. It was believed that the ‘the evil eye‘ was caused by envy and bad wishes of people who through their eyes could channel misfortune or bad luck to the chosen victim.

One of the most notable examples was the Greek philosopher Plutarch, who in a scientific explanation explained that the human eye had the power to release invisible beams of energy that in some cases were powerful enough to even kill children or small animals. Hence the respect for the human gaze. This philosopher also claimed that some even possessed an ability to curse.

In that context, it referred to groups of people who lived south of the Black Sea. Most of the time, reference was made to people with blue eyes, a genetic rarity in the Mediterranean area.

To this day, the belief remains intact in some cultures. Therefore, in this note we will explain how to detect the evil eye and how to get rid of it with an egg in a glass of water.

According to popular belief, the evil eye is more common in children, babies and pregnant women. For this reason, some mothers often place red bracelets on their children’s wrists. In this way, it is believed that negative energies cannot enter as easily and disturb the development of the child.


Some of the symptoms that may indicate the evil eye or the presence of negative energies in the body are:






Insomnia or a lot of desire to sleep.

Severe headache, especially around the eyes.



For all these reasons, knowing if a person suffers from the evil eye and how to cure it can be essential. No one wants to have negative energies in their body or suffer symptoms associated with this condition.

Egg in a glass of water to detect the evil eye

The method that is most used for this is in which an egg is simply used in a glass of water.

You will only need three simple elements:

  • 1 white or red egg (preferably white)
  • A transparent glass (without figures)
  • Water

Cure the evil eye with an egg in a glass of water: step by step

  1. In principle, the egg should be passed over the entire body, from head to foot, of the person to be treated. When passing the egg, it is essential to visualize how the energy passes from the body to the egg.
  2. Once you have finished passing the egg to the person sensing bad energies, the second step is to break the egg and put the contents of the egg into a glass of water. Wait a few minutes. According to what happens with the egg in a glass of water, it will be the interpretation that can be made.

How do you interpret the egg in a glass of water?

Although the ritual is super simple and easy to do, the interpretations when curing the evil eye with an egg in a glass of water can be many. However, as the popular belief says: “believe or burst”, to take into account this type of explanation, yes or yes, you have to believe in what this ritual can say about the person.


Some of the most frequent interpretations or meanings are:

  • Something bad is happening or is going to happen:

This can be seen if when pouring the egg into the glass of water a kind of mantle appears or you notice that the egg is overcooked. In this case, it will be necessary to check if someone is doing something negative in any aspect to the person who wants to do the cleaning.

When when placing the egg in a glass of water, little bubbles begin to come out surrounding the yolk of the egg, or they sprout towards the surface, it can mean a high level of negative energies. There, yes or yes, we will have to look for alternatives to cleanse the body as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if the yolk of the egg shows images, for example of a person or an animal, it means that that person has a lot of anxiety or worry. If it is a person, it may mean that the person who performs the ritual is being envied, however, if it is an animal, the last dreams should be analyzed to know what is really worrying.

Being also a negative aspect, if a mantle comes out that covers the yolk, it means that there is someone who is bothering and provoking that person.

If red and black dots form on the egg yolk when cleaning, it may mean there is a tendency to disease. In that case, it is always ideal to consult a doctor and have routine tests.

If, on the other hand, there are coiled figures in the egg, it means that the person who performed the ritual has to rest better, since this is a clear indication of physical discomfort, pain or discomfort.

When the yolk sinks to the bottom of the glass at the time of breaking the egg, it is assumed that that person is a victim of black magic. After hitting the bottom, if it stays in the middle or rises, it will be a clear sign that someone is doing witchcraft.


Finally, to properly identify the evil eye in a glass of water, the yolk must be carefully observed when it falls into the water. If it becomes cloudy, with many peaks and bubbles, it means that the person is actually being a victim of the evil eye product of someone who sent it to them.

extra tip: 3 home remedies to cure the evil eye

So, after knowing if an evil eye needs to be cured, it is 100% necessary to carry out some treatment to cure it. From generation to generation, some have been used that, according to popular belief, are very efficient. The 3 easiest to do are:

1. With holy water: it can be from the church or you can pray several times before using it to bless it. To perform the ritual, it is only necessary to bathe with it and take at least 10 drinks to purify yourself from within.

2. With sea salt: Salt has properties to eliminate bad luck and attract good fortune. For this reason, it will only be necessary to add a little sea salt in a small jar of water and wet the head and neck before bathing. However, you can also add salt to the bathtub and take one or more soaking baths.

3. With newspaper: For this ritual, it is necessary to help yourself from another person to cleanse the aura. However, it is very easy. It is only necessary to pass the newspaper all over the body and then burn it to eliminate the negative energy. Under no point of view can this role be kept inside a house. Nobody wants to continue polluting, right?

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You already know how to do an egg ritual in a glass of water. What are you waiting for to clean all your negative energies?