Earth Day 2022: A new opportunity to thank the planet

Earth Day is celebrated every April 22.. There is no doubt that it is time to stop and reflect, but it is also time to act. And we can do it!

East Earth day it cannot pass as one more date. Our planet does not give life to all human beings and it is something that we should be thankful for. Although we often think of ourselves as entities isolated from the rest, the reality is that we are also part of an ecosystem. One of the keys to subsistence on Earth is to accept the constant exchange with other living beings, and learn to live in harmony with them.

The human footprint on the planet

Humanity is a recent species: barely accumulates 2.5 million years. It is a tiny amount of time compared to the 4.5 billion years that the Earth adds. However, humans are living organism that has left the deepest traces on the planet. And this mark has not been exactly positive.

Our activity causes strong changes in nature. This is how we deal with the climate crisis today. It is worth mentioning the hole in the ozone layer, and the excesses in logging and agricultural activities that deplete resources and devastate the habitat of other species. Also, there is oil exploitation and its alterations in the strata of the Earth. The same happens with mining and the growth of cities.

Can we change this situation? Of course yes! It is a matter of changing the point of view, of adopting another mentality. It is not necessary to leave scars on the earth, but to maintain a healthy exchange with nature.

We are one with the Earth

Humans integrate the great terrestrial environment. For example: every time we breathe, we release CO2, which is used by plants. Plant organisms, in return, give us oxygen.

By altering ecosystems, or illegally marketing wild species, people come into contact with microorganisms and viruses that are typical of certain animal species. With the above, the so-called zoonotic infections then occur. It is one of the consequences of upsetting the balance of the planet.

However, humanity has an advantage: it is aware of what is happening. That’s why you can get down to business and get ahead!

We can have a great future

Humans have understood the reality of the planet. Thanks to science, we know that, only by respecting biological diversity, the spread of diseases among living beings is minimized.

As there is a great variety of species, microorganisms are housed only in living beings that can tolerate them. In addition, there is greater biological exchange. This results in abundance for the planet.

The Bioguide proposal for this day!

We invite you to reflect on your impact on Earth, but also to celebrate with joy, love and color, to thank the planet for everything it gives us. This day finds us hit by the pandemic, so we suggest you join in the task of spreading hope and happiness.