Draw a man in the rain and know how you are

The drawings, as well as the way of writing itself, can reveal many aspects of someone’s personality, without saying a single word.

The continuity and pressure of the stroke, the choice of objects or forms that are drawn, the way in which the human figure is made, among other aspects, are a key to understanding some personal characteristics that are not as easy to control as the word.

This test is very popular when taking a job interview, where it is also accompanied by a story about the drawn man. As a psychological tool, it helps to observe the tolerance to frustration, their defense mechanisms and their level of anxiety in the face of a conflictive or problematic situation.

Draw a man in the rain and find out what you or your friends are like!

Size of the drawing in relation to the sheet

If it is small, it expresses shyness, insecurity, fear, dependency or a feeling of inferiority. If it is large, it shows the need to be recognized; but if it is very large, it can reveal a lack of internal controls or an inadequate perception of oneself. If the drawing is medium, finally, it indicates a more focused person.

Location of the drawing on the sheet

If it is on the right margin, it reveals optimism, ease of communication, confidence in the future, and a sociable personality. If it is on the left, it is linked to weakness, discouragement and introversion. If it is in the upper margin, it indicates traits of a cheerful and idealistic personality. If you are in the lower, they tend to be more concrete and instinctive.

If the drawing is in the center of the page, it indicates balance, objectivity and self-control. If, on the other hand, it occupies almost the entire page, it indicates the need to attract attention and the tendency to invade other people’s spaces.

stroke shape

If the line of the drawing is firm, the person is in a moment of balance; if it is choppy, it indicates anxiety or insecurity; if it is curved or rounded, it reveals an aesthetic sense and a more sensitive and affective tendency on a personal level.

If the lines have a very tense line, surely the person will be too. If drawn lines, on the other hand, appear sketchy, they may represent anxiety, shyness, or lack of confidence.

stroke pressure

If it is normal, surely it will be a constant and balanced person; if it is weak, it can indicate anxiety or shyness, or, if it is for aesthetic reasons, it can indicate originality and intuition.

If the stroke is very strong, it represents security, aggression or hostility towards the world; it can also indicate a driver or group leader.

drawing movement

If the drawing is rigid, it indicates the need to protect oneself from the environment. If there is a lot of activity, on the contrary, it indicates an excess of fantasy. If he is just showing off, it indicates narcissism; and if he is doing something concrete, like running, he shows an energetic personality.

Direction of the drawn person

If you look to the right, it indicates an attitude of growth, of positivity towards the future. If you look to the left, you may have unresolved conflicts. If you look forward, you are ready to face the world; and, if its orientation is not very clear, it indicates ambivalence and lack of decision.

If his back is turned, it signals a desire to go unnoticed; and, if the person is seen from afar, it reveals a feeling of rejection or insecurity.

drawn accessories

Clouds: indicate pressure and threats.

Rain: if it is torrential, it indicates a lot of pressure or stress; if it is scarce, it indicates a personality with defense capacity. If the drops are shaped like tears, it indicates anguish; if there is no rain, it indicates a tendency to deny conflicts.

Rays: pressure

Puddles: they are usually linked to traumatic events in your pregnancy, birth or first years of life.

Presence of several people: need for the support of others.

Sun or Moon: represent authority.

Boots: indicates reaffirmation of a decision.

Umbrella: if it is covering half the head, it indicates withdrawal; if it does not possess, it indicates a lack of defenses; if it covers the person adequately, it indicates confidence and security; if it is very large compared to the person, it indicates excessive protection; if, on the other hand, it is very small, it indicates weak defenses. If it is closed, it implies resignation in the face of difficulties.

If there are no umbrellas, but there are other elements such as roofs, the person is surely highly dependent on others to solve their problems. If he uses his hand, instead of an umbrella, it indicates a feeling of omnipotence; and if you use paper, it indicates greatly weakened self-defense.