Draw a house and discover your true personality

From an early age, one of the first drawings we learn to make is that of a house. The house, the home, is a fundamental element in the life of every person, from birth to death. It is not an essential right for nothing.

Home is the place where we spend the most time throughout our lives, and it is the place where we always know we can return. Even if we don’t have a fixed house (because we have to move often, because we travel too much), every place we spend some time we consider a home.

Therefore, the way to represent a house can show many things about our personality.

Today we propose a simple exercise: take a blank sheet of paper and a pencil, and draw a house. It can be any house, but do not forget any details.

Then, you will be able to see what what you have drawn says about you.

1. Door

  • If there is no door or you can hardly see it, it is because you are a rather introverted person, who needs to get away from the outside world. You enjoy solitude and do not need others to protect you: you know how to take care of yourself.

  • If, on the other hand, the door is very large, it speaks of the need to bond with others. It can even be a symptom of emotional dependency.

  • If the door is closed and has a lock, it is because you have a hard time bonding with others, and you are afraid to show yourself as you are. You don’t like meeting new people, and you prefer your few good friends.

  • If the door is open, it is because, on the contrary, you are a very outgoing person, who loves to go out, meet people, face situations. You have no speech or communication problems.

  • If you drew two doors, it could be a sign that you are going through a conflict with another person, or two people you love very much have problems with each other. Try to solve what worries you.

  • Finally, if the door is located in an area that is difficult to see, it is because you are very selective. You don’t relate to just anyone, you know very well who to give your trust to and who not to.

2. Windows

  • If the house you drew has no windows, or has but with bars, you may feel some lack of affection. You may have been through toxic relationships or situations that lead you to distrust giving your feelings to others.

  • If the windows are large, it is because you are an extremely curious person, eager to learn and discover new things every day. You want to go exploring and you don’t care what other people think of you.

  • When the windows are very small, it is because you are a cautious person when relating to others. You don’t trust people easily, and you don’t like them to meddle in your business if you don’t invite them.

  • If the windows are decorated and have curtains, it is because you are a detailed, sensitive person with a great aesthetic sense.

  • If they are misaligned, it implies that you are someone who is a bit careless and reckless, who does not pay much attention to things.

Keep in mind, however, that for this type of test the context is always taken into account: for example, if someone who lives in a neighborhood where most of the houses have bars on the windows draws them, no it means that he has affective deficiencies; but if the bars are very marked, it may be something to pay attention to.

3. The roof

  • A simple, two-sided roof is the most common and implies a strong sense of reality, connected to the achievement of objectives.

  • A roof that sticks out a lot on the sides, on the contrary, denotes an excessive idealism, and a certain disconnection with reality.

  • A poorly defined or disconnected roof of the house speaks of an uncreative personality, with little capacity for imagination.

  • Contrary to the previous case, if the roof has an attic, it is because you have an overflowing imagination, and an urgent need to let your mind and thoughts fly.

  • A tiled or highly detailed roof speaks of a person balanced between creativity and reason, who has a great taste for the world of ideals and thought. Possibly you are a lover of reading and the arts.

4. Fireplace

  • A house without a chimney speaks of a cold, distant person, who does not like demonstrations of affection too much and has a hard time expressing his feelings.

  • If you drew a chimney but not smoke, it is because you surely want to interact with others and open new channels of communication, but it is difficult for you to carry it out.

  • A smoking fireplace tells that you are a person who does not have a hard time maintaining good relationships with your loved ones. You are not to argue or generator of problems. If the smoke is very dense, you may be holding onto negative situations that you need to let go of.

  • As for the direction of the smoke, if it rises vertically, it is an indicator that you are an idealistic, mystical personality, with a taste for the world of ideas and thoughts.

  • If it goes to the left, then it is because you miss the past a lot. You feel a strong nostalgia for what was, and for what could have been and was not. It’s hard for you to look ahead.

  • If it goes to the right, on the contrary, you are someone who always looks to the future with expectation, and does not feel pain or remorse for the past.

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