Does it touch your leg? This is what it means according to body language

Body language reveals thoughts and intentions that may not be expressed verbally. As we know, men rarely talk about their feelings. Therefore, if you want to know how he feels about you, you should pay attention to his gestures.

Touching another person’s body area can mean anything from a simple friendly or trusting gesture, to something deeper, related to sex.

On many occasions when a man touches our hair, caresses our hands or shoulders, a clear uncertainty arises in us, and then we begin to ask ourselves a thousand questions about what is happening.

The same thing happens when he caresses our leg, knee or thigh. This gesture is somewhat more interpersonal and is never compared to a touch on the hand or face. When he caresses the leg, and even higher, it is clear what his intentions are, since according to body language, it is one of the first movements that men make to flirt.

Keep in mind that nothing is accidental, no matter how much they want to make it look like that. The first thing you have to know is that this type of caress reflects a certain physical attraction towards you.

The legs are one of the parts of the body that men admire the most and of course, they excite them. By touching your leg, it is also measuring how far you are going to let it go, so we recommend that you pay close attention.

There are differences between these types of affective squeezes. If he does it subtly and is somewhat brief, this could mean that he has affection for you and the necessary trust, since there is a bond of a beautiful friendship between you.

However, it is important to be vigilant, as from here on out, and if you accept a first touch, the situation is likely to progress. Be careful, it also depends on each man, since there are some who, due to their personality, are more extroverted and in reality, they do not have anything loving in mind.

Now, if it is more direct and you notice it, this man wants something with you and the answer is in you. Remember that the caress is just the entrance to make this flirtation something really intense.




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