Do you want to know what hospitality is? |

According to the UNWTO, it defines it as a “destination tourist relatively self-sufficient, offering a wide range of services and facilities, especially those dedicated to rest and recreation, educational and health experiences”.

In general, these complexes are located in places of great scenic beauty located by the sea or in the mountains, but close to rivers or lakes that allow water sports and/or recreational practices.

What is hospital hospitality?

The Hospital hotel It is the sector within the health institution, it is responsible for ensuring the well-being of the patient during the time of stay in the health center. Takes care of:

  • The care of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Well prepared food service.
  • The management of trained personnel related to care.
  • The traditional professional treatment of the hotel industry.
  • The importance of this sector, in this area, is given solely by the patient.

In this sense, it is understood that the hospitality it is for and by patients, being the same a relevant factor when choosing a suitable health center.

So much so, that in recent times, health institutions compete with each other for quantity and quality of hotel services offered to their users.

What is the rural hotel?

The rural hotel is an establishment dedicated to offering accommodation to people, for a price, on a regular basis, either with or without other complementary services, integrated into farms, which responds to traditional mountain or rural architecture.

What is boutique hospitality?

The boutique hospitality It is an establishment that They have few rooms that can be different from each other. also mOur unique characteristics of the building as they are normally establishments located in key places in the city or region and in buildings such as castles, palace-houses, fortresses, etc.

The boutique hotels they have a charm singular and a great beauty because many of them are themed transporting us to another era.