Do you want a person to dream of you? You can try this love spell

Has it ever happened to you that you dream of someone and the next day you can’t stop thinking about that person? It’s super normal. Our subconscious is very powerful, and when it tells us about someone in our dreams, it leaves us constantly thinking about that person.

Therefore, if you want that special someone in your life to think of you and really want to see you, it would be perfect to make them dream of you, right?

East love spell of white magic will allow you to achieve that; that the person you love dreams of you and stays thinking of you.

It is very simple and you do not need too many materials.

they only need

  • two white candles
  • A photo of the person (preferably half letter size)
  • a red pen
  • your favorite perfume
  • A matches box
  • a clamp

First, take the photo and with the red pen write your full name on the person’s forehead.

Then, put it in front of you and place a candle on each side of the photo. Turn them on and close your eyes.

Focus on that person, and visualize as clearly as possible the images you want them to see in their dreams.

Take all the time you need. vView as many images as you can, and in as much detail as possible. Think that the more detail, the more intense the dream will be. And as you well know, the more intense it is, the more it will impact those who dream it.

Once you’re done with the images, take the photo and spritz it with a bit of your favorite perfume. Then, grab the photo with the clamp from a lower corner, so that the photo is upside down.

Light the photo with the candle on the right and while it burns, repeat this love spell:

“Mother Earth, today I do this spell so that you dream of me and remember that our love is great and worth fighting for. I do this spell with all my love so that you dream of me and come to my side quickly. So be it.”

To finish this ritual, spread the ashes of the photo in the air. The candles can now be extinguished.

The most important thing about this love spell is visualization, that’s why you must do this step with great care and faith.