Do you know what didactics is and what it is for?|

At present there are three didactic models, differentiated one from the others.

  • Normative didactic model: this model focuses on the content to be taught.
  • Initiative didactic model: it focuses mainly on the student.
  • Approximate didactic model: focused on who makes the student use their new knowledge.

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Knowing a little more about didactics

Now, let’s continue answering your question about What is teaching and what is it for? We already know that didactics is a discipline of pedagogy. Which consists of the implementation of techniques and methods to stimulate learning. We will now touch on its importance and why it should be applied in teaching.

the didactics It is a very important discipline. Thanks to it, techniques and methods are applied that help facilitate student learning. Through teaching methods the teacher can stimulate the learning development of a student. Didactics is a discipline that you can use in all branches of education. That is, the didactic It allows the teacher to strategically plan the teaching-learning processes. These processes make the student assimilate the content provided more quickly.

All teachers when they carry out their didactic plan, must take into account that one of their purposes is to create and awaken the motivation of the student, likewise, with the didactics it is also sought that the student likes to learn more about the subject that is developed in Classroom.

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