Do you have white fungus on your back? Learn to recognize them and eliminate them in a few weeks

White spots on the skin can appear for different reasons, such as a lack of melamine, or problems with the immune system.

But the most common appear due to fungi. To distinguish them from the others, you must know some of their characteristics:

  • They appear mainly on the back, shoulders and neck.
  • They are small, and sometimes slightly desquamative.
  • They appear in times of heat and humidity.

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If you have doubts about the causes of the spots on your skin, consult a dermatologist immediately. If you think they may be due to fungi, here you can learn more about them.

What are those spots?

White spots on the skin are very common, and many people have had them at some time. In most cases, they are caused by a fungus: pityrosporum or voucher. Actually this fungus is found in almost all people, starting from puberty.

However, the spots are the product of the imbalance that this fungus generates when it reproduces in too much (Pityriasis Versicolor). The lack of control is mainly triggered by external factors, such as heat and humidity, so it is more common for them to appear in summer.

Other factors that can also contribute to the development of the disease are pregnancy, diabetes, medications such as corticosteroids, and any cause of lowered defenses. In addition, the reason why the fungus manifests itself as white spots is that it alters the melanin of the skin and prevents it from getting sunburned; that is why it is usually after going to the beach when it becomes visible.

How to treat it?

Treatment consists of using gels or creams antifungal. They can be purchased or prepared at home. If your preferred option is natural remedies, keep in mind that you can use:

Aloe Vera

We know the benefits that aloe vera has, especially when it comes to skin problems. In this case it will also help.

All you have to do is apply the plant gel, do a little massage and allow it to act for a couple of hours. Afterwards, you take a shower.

ginger oil

We generally know ginger for the benefits of consuming it directly.

But it also has multiple advantages if we apply it to the skin, because it is anti-inflammatory, improves circulation and provides heat.

To treat skin fungus, we can buy ginger essential oil, or even prepare it. Through a decoction with the fresh or powdered root, quite concentrated.
It is applied two or three times a day and allowed to dry in the open air.


Garlic is an excellent anti-fungal agent. Its high content of allicillin allows you to remove them completely.

For back mushrooms, due to their extension, it is best to prepare a maceration of garlic and oil.

To do this, you must crush 5 cloves of garlic and cover them in olive oil. You let the mixture macerate for a week and filter it.

Apply the macerated oil twice a day.


If you suffer from this disorder every year, you should think about concentrating on its prevention.

To do this, when the heat and humidity start in the environment, you should start using some antifungal, which can be the ones we mentioned before, which kill or reduce the amount of fungus. Another option can be coconut oil.

Thus, it can be prevented that pityriasis versicolor show up year after year.

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