Do you have these lines on your wrist? Find out what each one means

Have you heard about Rascette lines? These are the lines around your wrist, those little marks between the palm of your hand and the rest of your arm. They are also known as the bracelet or bracelet lines.

These lines are associated with various aspects, among which health, prosperity and social recognition stand out. Here you can see what each line means, take note of your wrist and find out.

  1. Keep your dominant hand palm up. Take a look at your wrist, exactly where your hand meets your arm. It is possible to see some horizontal wrinkles.
  2. Now squeeze the first one and turn your wrist a bit. You should see several deep lines on your wrist.

These are your bracelet lines, and some believe that the number of lines and the shape of the folds contain important information about your future.

Each line can indicate more or less 30 years of life. Most people have two or three lines, but some have a small group of four, indicating that these people may live for several more years.

First line: 23 to 28 years of life

It is the most important line, because if we have it very deep and marked, it describes a healthy person who enjoys good health, in addition to having good physical conditions throughout our lives. But if your first line is discontinuous we can present problems with our reproductive or urinary system.

In the case of women, if your first line of bracelet is inclined upwards or broken, be careful! You could present problems at the gynecological level. If you are young they mean menstruation problems and if you are a little older, difficulty getting pregnant.

Second line: 46 to 56 years of life

If we have this well-defined line, it means that we will enjoy good health until approximately 56 years of age. In addition, the depth of it is associated with the prosperity and riches that we will possess. Remember that you decide what your type of wealth is (health, economic or family).

Third line: 69 to 84 years of life

These lines are associated with the perception that others will have of us. If we have them well defined, we will be very influential people in our social circles. When we reach that age, we will show confidence and credibility, which will strengthen ties with our friends and family.

Fourth line: more than 84 years

If we don’t have this line, don’t worry, it’s just a reinforcement of the third. Strengthening your links will ensure a good reputation in your adulthood.

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