Do you have an ant invasion at home? What to do quickly and easily

Ants can be a fundamental problem in many homes, especially those where the climate is generally hot or humid, although they can also sometimes appear in the pre-winter season. There are many different types of ants but they all have the same ability, to get into the smallest holes to sneak into the house and reproduce very quickly.

The products that are marketed to repel insects usually contain very strong chemical components. In addition, when sprayed, these products not only pollute the environment, but can also remain in the air, or adhere to the skin, generating harmful effects on our body.

As if this were not enough, if there are pets in your house or you have small children, they can be an even greater inconvenience, since if the animals eat them they can generate worms and gastrointestinal problems.

To eliminate these pests, many people hire exterminators, but there are much simpler and, above all, cheaper solutions to kill ants with just one ingredient.

All you need to keep ants away from inside your home is talcum powder.
In addition, talcum powder is safe and natural, so it will not pose any problem for your children or your pets. Unlike most products sold in the supermarket that contain harmful chemical ingredients.

  • spray the areas where the ants appear the most with talcum powder. It can be a bit uncomfortable but you will make sure that these do not give you more problems.
  • Let the powder sit for a while before vacuuming it up and you’re good to go. Your house will once again be clean and completely free of ants.

Other natural repellents for ants

with lemon juice
The citrus fragrance works naturally to keep ants away. The natural acidity of these fruits will make these insects have to modify their path. It is best to choose lemon, because sweet citrus fruits, such as orange, can attract them.

To use it, spray the doors and windows with a little juice that you can also dilute in water. You can even use the shells.

The distinctive scent of mint will keep ants away from your home. You can also use the bags of mint tea that you have already used; or spray the frames of doors and windows with essential oil. In addition, you will be giving the air a very refreshing aroma.

with egg shells
Crushed eggshell placed on windows and doors will keep ants from entering your home. They can also be used in your kitchen pantries so they don’t get near your sweet foods.

With Diatomite (diatomaceous earth)
The diatomine it is, broadly speaking, fossilized algae that are commonly used as fertilizer. It is found in specialty garden supply stores and its effectiveness has also been tested against ants and other insects such as fleas and spiders. Likewise, it only spreads through the places where the ants pass.

with apple cider vinegar
Simply sprinkle a little vinegar on the soil in your garden to deter bugs naturally and cruelty-free. If they have entered your home, clean the surfaces with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and warm water. Bugs will stay away from the pungent aroma of vinegar.

With baking soda and sugar
Before this mixture the ants flee, probably because they learn that it is harmful to their body.

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