Discover your mission in life according to your date of birth

With numerology it is possible to discover many things about our personality and our life.

One of the most intimate questions of the human being is: why have I come to the world? For this, numerology can also guide you. To do this, you only need to numerologically analyze your date of birth.

To do this, you must reduce your date of birth to a single digit, adding each number of it.

  • For example, if someone was born on February 19, 1977, they would add: 1+9+2+1+9+7+7=36.
  • Since it is a 2-digit number, it is reduced again: 3+6=9.
  • So, 9 is his number. If the result gave you 10, you must reduce it again, and your number will be 1, since 1+0=1.

Your mission according to your number

Number 1

Your mission in life is to create. You have come into the world with creative talent, and your mission is to use it to make a better world.

You must get out of your head the idea that your gifts are useless. Art and creativity are fundamental for human beings, as they connect us with the sacred, with that which is outside the earthly plane.

That yes: you will have to work hard and take the initiative. But above all, have a lot of confidence in yourself.

number 2

If your number is 2, it is because you have a mission to bring people together and help them discover their potential. You are basically an excellent leader. But you have to understand that leadership does not mean abuse of power.

You are a person destined to unite and guide, and help each person to get the best of themselves. From psychologist to diplomat, or head of a company, your mission has to do with contact with others.

Number 3

If your number is 3, it is because you are a simple person, one of those who are usually in a good mood and always make the best of every situation. Right there is your mission in life.

You are destined to be a friend and companion, and above all, to share that natural way you have of seeing the world with others, so that they can imitate you.
You must learn to relate to more people, and forget about the fears or insecurities that prevent you from fully launching yourself into what you truly have destined for in the world: to communicate.

Dare to enter the world of journalism, cinema, the media or, why not? the stages. Not only would you be a great artist, but you have a lot to share.

Number 4

Number 4 is that of intelligence and learning, always with his feet on the ground. Your mission in life is to learn to serve. That is, to build a better world.

Your characteristic traits are logic and critical thinking, and above all, your ability to extract something useful for humanity from all the information you receive.

You could be a great teacher, to pass on that way of understanding the world to future generations. But you can also dedicate your life to building: from objects to cities, from a small project to a large company. Use your thought to build, that is your mission.

Number 5

If your number is 5, your greatest virtue is your ability to adapt to change. Not in vain do you enjoy traveling, moving, meeting new people and living new experiences so much.

Your mission in life, then, has to do with that: with movement. To be an ambassador of the virtues of humanity around the world. We could say, to call it another way, that your mission will always be to sow. Go there and there leaving seeds of hope in each person you meet.

You could also be a great teacher, as you have the ability to connect with the most diverse people and help them reflect.

Number 6

You are a very humane person. Your mission in life has to do with taking care of others, because empathy is your greatest gift.

You cannot be indifferent to suffering. Therefore, your mission is to assist everyone who suffers, you are the person who will always be there for those who need it. From assisting your own family and taking care of it as something sacred, to being a doctor who saves lives at every moment.

There is your mission, in the service

number 7

If your number is 7, it is because you have come to this world to be heard. This means that in your words and in your actions you have the power to change many things.

What seems bad, unfair, or clearly improvable, you can change it. But not only, of course: your mission is to lead masses, to make big changes. You are a natural leader, and you must use that gift wisely. Understand that people will naturally listen to you and follow you: guide them with awareness.

Politics is a good field of action for you. Also the media, or why not? the religion.

Number 8

If your number is 8, you have a great ability to make things work. You are a constant person, with self-confidence, and a great vision for the future.

You turn everything you touch into gold, and therein lies your mission in life. You are destined to carry out large projects, companies or organizations. Dare to undertake or associate with someone who is already doing it: your virtues will help you to make that project grow.

Work on an idea that can improve the world in some way, and take it forward.

Number 9

If your number is 9, you will find your place in the world by surrounding yourself with inspirational, artistic and inspirational people. You are a sensitive person, and very empathic, and your great mission is to transmit those feelings to the world.

You are capable of giving love without limits, and that is a gift that is not given in vain: you must use it. Your mission is to be compassionate with everyone around you, and lead by example that you can be happy being a good person.

Your great mission, then, is to give love and hope and help others to do the same. Being a writer, teacher or communicator, or any profession that allows you to send that loving message to more than one person.