Discover what is the meaning of the tree of life

To know what the meaning of the tree of life is, is to keep in mind that it is the representation of one’s own existence. Since you are born with your roots rooted in the ground, until you reach the end of life. Discover everything you need to know about this tree whose symbology has a fairly ancient origin and different traditions.

Likewise, the meaning of the tree of life has always been taken as an amulet. Next to what is the eye of Ra and the hand of Fatima. Due to its different representations and for the good luck that symbols like these usually bring.

What does the meaning of the tree of life refer to?

It is necessary to know that the meaning of the tree of life, in general, refers to the cycle of existence. However, this is a symbol that sometimes has important differences, taking into account the culture in which it is found. Despite this, the base at all times will be the same. A tree that represents life from birth to the end, which is when the tree reaches the sky.

The trunk is the representation of the union between life and death. All the branches that appear in this tree are the various paths that can be found, but that, in the end, end up leading to the trunk.

This is a symbol that has been part of various religions, such as Celtic, Jewish or Christian. And it has been treated as a specifically spiritual symbol, as well as one of personal growth. Being this last reading the one that has made several people wear this image in their clothing or in a tattoo.

What is the origin of the tree of life?

In addition to knowing the meaning of the tree of life, it is necessary to understand its origin. As already mentioned, there are many religions that have given it various meanings. Because of this, we mention some of the most important ones and their interpretations.

Jewish religion

The Hebrews made the tree of life a main symbol within their culture. Despite this, it is a tree made up of 10 nodes that are connected among six. Thing that represents harmony and the restoration of peace throughout the world.

The meaning of the tree of life, which appeared in ancient Kabbalah, was reinterpreted by other religious traditions. For the Jews, this is a tree that means that there is a very complicated formula of existence and creation. It means, from the earthly to the divine.


Within the Christian religion, the tree of life is the one that God planted in the lost paradise. Said tree gave an apple as fruit and it was there when the serpent convinced Eve. It is well known that, in the Bible, this reference to the tree of life appears. In the same way as Genesis, in which it is indicated that it had magical properties, since it had the ability to offer immortality.

In the conception of Christianity, there have been many times that the tree of life has been compared to the cross of Christ. The reason for this similarity is that the tree gives life to humanity, in the same way that the cross did.

Likewise, the meaning of the tree of life is described as a majestic, grandiose tree that reaches higher than the cypresses and that could not be compared with any other tree in the garden of God. It is described as a tree with many branches and a height with the ability to reach the clouds.

celtic culture

The origin of the tree of life, also has to be found in the Celtic culture. Where, since its inception, trees have been considered as living beings of great importance. The main reason is that for the Celts, trees served as protection against cold and rain. He gave them wood for the fire, they offered them fruits to eat and thanks to their wood they allowed them to build their houses. Therefore, trees were quite revered by this culture.

Apart from this, trees were considered a symbol of life, since they had the ability to communicate with the environment in a complete way. With the earth through its roots, with the outside due to its trunk and with the sky through its branches. For the Celtic culture, the tree represents the living being that can communicate with the earth and the sky, which is why it is so respected.

nordic culture

The Nordics were the ones who gave a paid meaning to the tree of life, since they did not relate its symbology to any specific religion. For them, the meaning of the tree of life is related to an infinite being, since it had no beginning or end. There is an energy within him that moves up and down. Because of this, consuming the fruits of a tree was considered to help keep people young and fit.

The meaning of the tree of life and each of its interpretations

Keeping in mind the origin and what the tree of life is, it is essential to stop to know the basic meaning of being a tree and each of the interpretations that this symbol can have. Basically, we must start from the fact that the base of the meaning of the tree of life is related to its parts.

Roots: They are sunk in the ground.

Trunk: It grows by the nutrients provided by the roots.

Branches: They are confused and bifurcate.

Leaves: Elements that are responsible for the task of collecting water, as well as force.

Fruits: They appear due to the good condition of the tree.

Each of these elements are what make up the tree in its entirety and, metaphorically speaking, they are also what make up the existence of the human being. In addition, we must not forget that trees are essential for life to exist on earth. Since it provides oxygen and, therefore, a tree, it refers to the act of breathing, which is essential to be alive.

The leaves of the tree of life offer healing, since they supply it with water that falls from the sky, allowing it to be healthy and strong. These leaves, if seen from a metaphorical point of view, are the tools to heal oneself. A healing that is not seen from a physical point of view but, specifically, spiritual.

What are the elements of the tree of life?

Aside from combining the cycle of life, this is a tree that is associated with the four elements of the world. All these forces, which are essential on the planet, are what allow the tree to have life. In this way, below we explain where these forces come from and how they help the tree to remain in good condition.

Air: It is a tree that reaches the highest, precisely to the clouds, and because of this, it has the ability to benefit the environment. Offering oxygen to living beings to be able to breathe.

Water: Water is filtered through the roots and through the leaves. Giving it by granting it that vital essence, since without water the tree would not have the capacity to offer fruits and, therefore, provide food.

Fire: The light of the sun is what allows the tree of life to not only be born, but also grow.

Earth: This is an element that provides the tree of life with all the nutrients it needs, which are absorbed through the roots.

Keeping all this in mind, you have to know that this kind of tree is a living being that goes deep into the Earth. Embracing it using its roots, it requires the energy of the sun to grow and spread, as well as rain and air to create food and life.

jewelry and tree of life

The tree of life has been one of the amulets that is most offered as a gift in jewelry. Aesthetically, it’s a pretty nice piece. Its circular shape and the tree inside, with its roots, branches and trunk, make it a very special object. Regarding what it represents, it is considered as a symbol that transmits a great emotional charge, and at the same time, positivity and strength.

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