Discover the 8 plants that generate positive energy in your home

The human, since past times, has had a close relationship with plants. Many times it has been given a decorative use, but they can also be excellent purifiers of the environment.

As it is important that the environment where we live is clean of negative energies, these plants can help create that environment that we need. Which is so important for our physical and emotional health.

plant properties

Researchers conducting a study at the American Society for Horticultural Science found that:

“Because indoor air pollution widely affects developing countries, using plants as a mitigation method could serve as a cost-effective tool in the developing world where expensive pollution mitigation technology may not be economically viable. ».

This means that one of the properties of plants is to be an anti-pollution agent. But they can also help us relieve stress and have better health and happiness in our home. This is due to that power of channeling energy, which allows them to channel new, strong and serene energy.

Eight plants to improve the energy in your home

Next, you will see which are the plants that give the best positive energy to your home:

1. Orchid

It has a pleasant aroma that improves both the energy in the home and the mood of people. If you keep it in the bedroom, it can help you fall asleep due to the high amounts of oxygen it releases during the night.

2. Chrysanthemum

Symbol of honesty and purity, it purifies the air, promotes well-being and strengthens longevity.

3.Aloe vera

This plant, recognized for its multiple dermatological benefits, combats negative vibrations. Also, it brings good luck and positive energy. To take care of it, you just have to place it in an area of ​​indirect sunlight and water it regularly.

Aloe vera

4. Jasmine

This plant has a sweet smell that attracts positive energy, as well as strengthens relationships and romance. As for care, make sure to place it near a south-facing window.

5. Rosemary

In addition to cleansing the air of harmful toxins, its scent boosts mood, and treats anxiety and fatigue. It also improves memory and fights insomnia.

6. Peace Lily

The quality of this plant is to improve the flow of energy by cleaning the air and removing harmful gases. But in addition to that, it provides spiritual, physical and mental prosperity, and generates a calm atmosphere.

7. Lucky Bamboo

According to Feng Shui, this plant, due to its vertical shape, represents the wood element. This aspect affects our vital energy and physical activity.

On the other hand, fortunately, it requires little maintenance, just keeping it in a place out of direct sunlight and in a glass container with about an inch of distilled or purified water.

8. Sage

Sage is a powerful antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-diaphoretic, it also cleanses the air of negative energy. Also, it purifies emotions such as fear and anger, and creates a calm and relaxed environment.

And you, do you dare to try any of these purifying plants?

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