Disadvantages of opening the third eye

If you have ever thought about opening your third eye, from we recommend that you previously know the benefits and consequences that this awakening can produce. The truth is that to better understand this event, we must first understand what does the third eye mean in the bible

The third eye -also known as the inner eye- it is a mystical and esoteric concept that refers to an invisible eye that, when awakened, would provide an individual with a broader perception than ordinary sight allows. This part of the body is known as the pineal gland and it is in fact the chakra that is located above the center of the eyebrows.

Although the awakening of the third eye promises to be a rewarding experience for all the spiritual abilities it brings to a person, the truth is that opening the third eye instantly generates consequences and symptoms that are not always positive.

Why is it important to know your potential?

According to various religions, the third eye is the entrance that would lead a person to inner realms and higher states of consciousness than the rest. In fact, in spirituality the third eye symbolizes a true state of enlightenment and a very deep personal spiritual state.

Awakening is also associated with being able to receive visions, clairvoyance or even extrasensory perception, as well as the ability to observe the chakras and the human aura, precognition and experience out-of-body experiences.

negative consequences of opening the third eye

The third eye is a very sensitive part of the body of any person because, once it is awakened, it reveals what was previously imperceptible or invisible. While it is true that having the third eye closed completely can produce negative effects on the body (such as depression or anxiety), the total opening can present risks.

These are the 10 most common symptoms when your third eye awakens:

1- Dull pressure sensation between both eyebrows

two- A remarkable increase in intuition. For example, it may happen that some of the things that will happen in the future seem to be very well known or familiar.

3- I find warning signs before making any decisions.

4- Acute sensitivity of sight to lights. In addition, the colors will always have a very particular brightness.

5- Sensation of tolerance in the face of adversity.

6- Increased pressure in the head which can trigger frequent headaches,

7- Feeling of continuous change. This can lead directly to a feeling of instability.

8- People experience more synchronicities and changes in thought patterns.

9- You have a greater connection with the environment, which scares many individuals.

10- Increase in lucid dreams, which often does not allow you to rest peacefully.

In this sense, it can be seen that the powers of the third eye can bring negative consequences because it is said that by opening it, its power can transport a person to a whole new world producing physical changes along the way.

According to Hindu tradition the third eye is the sixth primary chakra or energy center called “the gate of the soul”. That’s why when you wake up, you receive the “gift” of perceiving the world in a completely different way than the one known until now. Would you dare to wake up yours?

the third eye and dreams

After opening this door of the soul, there are many people who wonder how to close the third eye because after that event they have suffered very vivid and negative dreams that do not let them sleep.

The truth is that very paranormal third eye experiences can lead to continuous nightmares. In fact, much of what is perceived during the day is transformed into complex dreams at night.

Many people claim to have seen spirits, demons or completely terrifying events that, as a consequence, cause them chronic difficulty falling asleep.

Can the third eye be closed?

The truth is that this answer is really uncertain. In general, when a person seeks to awaken their soul door and achieves it, or on the contrary, it happens accidentally, it is recommended that they go to a spiritual guide so that this professional can accompany them during this transition.

In fact, this is the best advice that can be given to a person to ensure that they enjoy all the advantages of this experience and thus prevent it from becoming a nightmare.