Did you know that the ovules select the sperm and not the other way around?

A study conducted in the United States found that the egg accepts or rejects the sperm depending on the genetic makeup of the male gamete.

This research ends with the image of the ovule as a docile cell that is waiting to be fertilized by the sperm that are directed towards it. On the contrary, the ovum acts as a recruiter and eliminates the unsuitable genes from the race in order to make fertilization as healthy as possible.

According to this study conducted at the Pacific Northwestel Research Institute, the egg may prefer or avoid sperm, taking sexual selection at the cellular level to a new, more complex level.

In addition, a study conducted by Imperial College London concluded that the egg has an outer shell made up of a specific type of sugar molecule that helps the sperm to adhere. This finding can help many couples who are having trouble conceiving children.

The human body is still a mystery to be revealed and scientific research shows that we still have a lot to learn about the operation of this perfect and complex creation.

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