Did you know everything that a grip for your camera can offer you?

You may not have a clue what a grip if I say it like that, suddenly and out of context. But surely you have ever seen a camera with the air of a professional camera even without being one, bigger than the rest, apparently more robust and heavier.

What that camera probably has on it is a grip, which is nothing more than a handle with extra batteries so you’ll never be stranded in the middle of nowhere with no chance to take photos.

With this alone, you should already sign your next purchase of a grip for your SLR 😉 but wait, there’s still more, let’s see it.

What is a grip?

A gripas I have already told you, it is a grip that attaches to your camera from the bottom and that contains, as a general rule, space for two batteries (although some models also include the option of adding AA batteries).

The grip not only gives you the double the battery life, but also integrates some functions to be able to work from the same base of the handle or grip: focus and shutter button, dials for speed and exposure control, focus and exposure lock, etc.

Advantages of a grip

When we talk about the advantages of using a grip, we are not only talking about the most obvious and its main reason for being, which is the extra battery charge, there are many more reasons to get one:

  • Improves the gripping surface of the camera: For many photographers, the lack of camera grip is a real problem, making the task of taking photos much less enjoyable. For those of you with big hands or bodies that are too small or grippy, a grip can change the way you shoot for something infinitely better.
  • Improves work in vertical format: When we talk about composition, we always recommend that you do not leave aside compositions in vertical format, because it opens up a whole world of possibilities. (I confess that I personally love it; I use it a lot 😉 ).

If you are as fond of this format as I am, you will have already realized that the cameras are designed to always work horizontally. Well, thanks to the grip and its integrated functions (trigger, etc.) you will turn your camera into one designed to work vertically. You will see how it is much more for you how to do it with the functions of the grip.

  • Improve camera stability when working with long focal length lenses: Many cameras are weighed down by the difference in weight between the lens and the camera body. The grip helps increase stability and balance between the two.
  • Ideal for working long exposures: if you like long exposure photography, you already know that it uses a lot of battery. That is why it is essential to take more than one battery to your outings and, if possible, well charged.

The grip not only allows you that essential extra but also, in case you run out of battery in the middle of a long exposure, the camera will not turn off but will automatically change the battery.

  • Some models allow adding AA batteries in addition to the batteries: Although your job as a photographer is to prepare well before leaving home (that includes keeping your batteries fully charged), we don’t always do it 😉 or we find ourselves in situations where, for whatever reason, we run out of battery (long exposures, very cold environments, burst shooting, or just very long days and lots of photos).

It is possible that with the two batteries of the grip you will have more than enough. However, some models include an option that may be interesting, such as the possibility of adding AA batteries.

This would allow you to buy batteries almost anywhere on the planet and keep your camera working without having to wait for the battery to charge.

  • Extra buttons and functions on the grip that allow you greater versatility when it comes to framing and composing your photographs.

It’s not for you if…

If you have bought the lightest camera on the market because you can’t bear to carry weight, if what you are looking for is lightness and small size, if short excursions are your thing, you like to carry the camera in your pocket, it is possible that a grip is not the most suitable accessory for you.

It’s for you if…

If you like them solid bodies, with good grip, if you like to go out for long forays with your camera, the long exposures and night photography, if he portrait format occupies more than half of your photos or if you simply think you should give it a try… I really recommend you get a grip, I assure you it will make your life much easier :-).

Where to buy

They are easy to find in specialized photography stores or online on Amazon. Only make sure that the model of your camera and the grip are compatible.

And as we know that many of you are more into watching than reading and that you like to complement the information with videos, I bring you this explanatory video about the Erubbey Cantoral grips:

How about? Have you ever considered adding a grip to your photographic accessories? It may have seemed like an accessory only reserved for photographers or war photographers, professional fashion, or something like that.

But nothing is further from reality, grips can make your photographic life much easier, safer and, although it may not seem like it, make you want to go out and photograph the world even more. Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about, right? 🙂

I hope this article has been useful to you to get closer to this photographic accessory. If so, please share it on networks to get it to reach as many people as possible. Thank you and see you next time.