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The Acriminal anthropology It is a branch of Criminology, but also of general Anthropology. And it is that, study the anthropological factors in relation to the criminal activity of certain persons. Are you interested in criminal anthropology? Do not hesitate to train with Training and specialize your profession for a greater job offer. Go for it!

Within this area of ‚Äč‚Äčtraining on the criminal anthropology We have a wide range of possibilities and job opportunities. In fact, hehe didactic programs in this field are varied: there are courses that provide you with a more general vision of the subject and that serve to introduce you to this field, and other more specialized courses to perfect a specific subject, as is the case of this branch of Criminology and Anthropology. What is your favorite formation?

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What is criminal anthropology?

The ACriminal anthropology, as we have been saying, is a branch of criminology and anthropology. It is the discipline that studies the relationship between criminal activities and anthropological factors. Therefore, your object of study are physical, psychological and morphological traits of criminals. In this way, an attempt is made to discover the behavior and personality of the individuals or organizations that commit crimes.

To do this, it uses the same methodology as General Anthropology when it analyzes the human being. With the difference, that it studies personality, behavior and Criminal organizations from the morphological and physical-psychic traits of people.

Criminal Anthropology analyzes anatomy and physiology, psychology or demography, always keeping criminal activity in mind.”

The truth is that originally, this branch of Anthropology focused solely on the physical characteristics of the individuals who committed crimes- And it is that, he followed the belief that there are aspects in the physique that only criminals had.

On the other hand, you should know that Italian Cesare Lombroso He is considered the creator of criminal anthropology. In fact, it was this criminologist and doctor who studied the physical characteristics of criminals in the 19th century, reaching the conclusion that they had a different physiology from that of ordinary and innocent people.

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